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10 Things You Should Do Before the iPhone X Release Date



Prepare to Stay Up Late

Prepare to Stay Up Late

If you are planning to buy the iPhone X make sure you'll be ready to pre-order on October 27th.

There's no way around it. If you don't want to deal with long wait times for the flagship you'll need to put in a pre-order the second they go live in late October, probably at 12:01AM Pacific on October 27th. 

If you fail to show up or properly prepare for pre-orders you'll probably wind up waiting weeks, maybe even months, for the iPhone X model you want. 

iPhone X pre-orders will start at different times all over the world and that Midnight Pacific time could present issues for some of you. 

If you really want this phone ASAP, do what you need to do to pre-order. Whether that's take work-off, cancel a meeting, or schedule some time during your vacation. 

Clear out your schedule ahead of time so you aren't panicking in the hours before pre-orders start. 



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