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10 Things You Should Do Before the iPhone X Release Date



Figure Out What to Do With Your Current Phone

Figure Out What to Do With Your Current Phone

Now would be a good time to start making a plan for your current phone.

While some of you might keep your old Android or iPhone around as a secondary device, others might want to make some money or help out someone in need. 

Keeping an old phone might help you in an emergency and a second device is perfect for testing iOS beta software. We don't recommend testing beta software on primary devices.

If you'd prefer to make some cash, and we don't blame you given the iPhone X's price tag, you might start asking around to see if anyone might want your device when you upgrade. 

If none of your friends/family want your device you'll want to look into re-sale sites like Gazelle and Nextworth and lock in a good trade-in price ahead of the iPhone X release date. Carriers like T-Mobile are also offering trade-in offers

If you put a plan together right now you could make someone really happy or get some money to put toward your iPhone X. This is particularly true if your device is in good condition. 



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