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4 Reasons to Pre-Order Madden 20 & 3 Reasons To Wait



Wait for Madden 20 Reviews

Wait for Madden 20 Reviews

One of the biggest reasons to wait, and potentially skip Madden 20 pre-orders altogether, is to wait for Madden 20 reviews. 

We should see these in late July and the first week of August. This will allow you to get a better idea of how the gameplay changes are coming together and what they mean for the modes that you love to play the most. 

This is especially important for Madden Ultimate Team, since there have been some issues with the mode lately on Madden 19. While there is no major change to the engine that we know about, we do need to wait to see how well the new Scenario Engine works, and if it can actually deliver a variety of experiences. 

You can also get an idea of how the grind will be in MUT, what packs look like and how stable online play is if you wait to pre-order Madden 20. 

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