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10 Exciting New Madden 20 Features



This is what’s new in Madden 20 including the most exciting new Madden 20 features and how it compares to previous version. EA delivers major upgrades to the create-a-player mode, you can play college games, the Pro Bowl and there are MUT upgrades along with a new Superstar X-factor that you’ll need to account for.

These are all new when you compare Madden 20 vs Madden 19, and they are coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. We’ll help you understand what is new, which may help you decide if you want to pre-order Madden 20 or if you should wait a little longer. While there are three Madden 20 editions you can choose from, they all come with the same features, just different pre-order bonuses.

EA shared new details on the QB1 Franchise mode and on how Superstar X-factors work, which helps round out what we know about two of the biggest Madden 20 features. This is exciting for anyone that enjoys playing the Franchise mode in Madden, or who’s been missing out on NCAA games.

The most exciting new Madden 20 features and upgrades.

The most exciting new Madden 20 features and upgrades.

The Madden 20 release date is August 2nd, but if you buy the Superstar or Ultimate Superstar edition you can play on July 30th. You can also play even earlier if you have EA Access or Origin Access.

Last year EA upgraded the graphics and the in-game physics with Real Player Motion and tweaks across various game mechanics. This year, we’re seeing a lot of upgrades to play and new modes to better align with the story modes in other sports games.

You can buy Madden 20 at GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon and digitally through Microsoft and Sony.

Here’s a look at the most exciting Madden 20 features and upgrades from Madden 19.

  1. QB1 Personalized Scenarios for Franchise
  2. Create a College QB & Play NCAA Championships
  3. Superstar X-Factor
  4. Play the Pro Bowl
  5. Unique Playbooks
  6. New Option Plays
  7. Pump Fake Upgrades
  8. MUT Missions
  9. On Field Trainer
  10. New Celebrations

Read on to learn more about each of these new Madden 20 features and what they mean to your in game experience.

QB1 Personalized Scenarios for Franchise

QB1 Personalized Scenarios for Franchise

QB1 is the new upgrade for the Franchise mode that allows you to play as the main character in your franchise. This allows you to create a quarterback, pick your college and then work your way into the NFL. 

It's not confirmed yet, but we could see face scanning using your phone, similar to how other sports games handle the create a player. 

This will let you work through the College playoffs, the NFL Combine, the NFL Draft, breaking into the NFL and then eventually playing in the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl. 

This ties into the new Scenario Engine that combines your on field and off field actions to influence the next steps. Unlike the story mode in Madden 19, this new mode focuses on creating personalized in game options. 

This all leads up to the start of the typical Franchise mode, so this is a tie in, not a full new mode that stands alone and then stops as soon as you hit the pros. 



  1. Marc-antoine Gagnon

    04/30/2019 at 10:09 am

    This was all in the 2000’s Madden game

  2. Colt John

    04/30/2019 at 10:28 pm

    Same game as it was almost 15 years ago. Every year EA adds some gimmicks and says they’re “new”

  3. Jonathan

    05/03/2019 at 1:23 pm

    Lol, the word/last name “MADDEN” is too comedic. Btw I just hope they all stop making “MADDEN” games because this is regurgitated annoying bs. And also just stop after Mr. “MADDEN” passes away.

  4. Dekkie

    05/03/2019 at 2:40 pm

    I mean i like it but…. maybe EA should have added where you can do any college…
    personally i hate all the teams they chose but if i must choose it would be texas even though i am a tennessee fan

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