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5 Things to Know About the May Battlefield 1 Update

The next Battlefield 1 update should arrive in the near future. Armed with new details, this guide outlines the most important things you need to know as we close in on the May Battlefield 1 update’s release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

It won’t bring Nivelle NightsPrise de Tahure, or In the Name of the Tsar DLC content but DICE’s May Battlefield 1 update is shaping up to be an important patch, particularly for gamers that play the Operations game mode.

Some important May Battlefield 1 update details are still out of reach but our guide will take you through everything we currently know about the developer’s plans for this month’s patch including the release time, its bug fixes, and some changes that aren’t expected to be on board.

May Battlefield 1 Update: Release Date & Time

The May Battlefield 1 update will land (surprise!) for all three platforms sometime later this month.

DICE hasn’t confirmed a specific release date but with the month winding down and the meat of the update in the CTE, we expect the release to be right around the corner.

The developer typically doesn’t confirm patch release dates far in advance so we’ll probably get a firm date a day or two before it rolls out.

The update reportedly hasn’t received the necessary certifications for release which means we could still be a few days away from a release.

On release day, DICE will likely bring servers down in order to roll out the May Battlefield 1 update to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This typically happens late at night/early in the morning, if you live in the United States. Here’s how it will probably play out on release day:

  • PC: Multiplayer offline starting at 07.00 UTC / 12.00 AM PDT.
  • PS4: Multiplayer offline starting at 9.00 UTC / 2.00 AM PDT.
  • Xbox One: Multiplayer offline starting at 11.00 UTC / 4.00 AM PDT.

DICE will announce the official details on its forums so be on the lookout next week and the last week of May.

How to Try the May Battlefield 1 Update Right Now

If you want to try the May patch right now you can provided you have access to the Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment, also known as the Battlefield 1 CTE.

The May patch is currently in testing in the CTE ahead of its release date. If you, or someone you know, has CTE access, now is the time to give it a spin.

The Battlefield 1 CTE is still limited to PC gamers who own the Premium Pass. DICE is planning a release for Xbox One and PS4 but the developer hasn’t confirmed a release window.

For more on the Battlefield 1 CTE, take a look at our walkthrough. It’ll take you through the signup process and everything else you need to know.


The contents of the official May patch are subject to change but most of the changes now available in the CTE should make it to the final release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

As of right now, the update is focused on improving game balance and fixing lingering Battlefield 1 problems. Let’s start with the tweaks:

Maps & Modes

  • Changed ticket count for Domination to 200 from 100.
  • Tweaked scoring values for capturing flags in Conquest. Capturing gives less score now, however more capture ticks have been added and the team controlling more than 3 flags than the other team will be awarded Conquest Control bonuses.
  • Decreased the percentage of contribution to flag capture/neutralize from 50% to 30%.
  • Added Join Any Operation button to main operations screen. Will start a matchmaking session to join any available operation at any size (40 or 64).


There are a ton.

Weapons & Gadgets

  • Activated aiming speed modifier during prepare state as well as charge state. This means a player can rotate a maximum of 50 degrees during the prepare state. Also added an input modifier disabling strafe while charging.
  • Adding subtle boost to 3P footsteps when bayonet charging to increase threat awareness. Boosted volume of Enemy VO for Bayonet Charge when close to player.
  • Slightly reduced maximum turn rate while charging.
  • Removed damage reduction while in charge. Weapons will now hit charging players for normal damage.
  • Tweaked criteria for cross-class medal to require single shot rifles.
  • Added UI for grenade resupply.
  • Reduced the occluder size for the scope glint from 0.25m to 0.15m to hide it behind walls better.


  • Adding a camera shake advanced gameplay option to adjust the amount of camera shake caused by explosions, etc.
  • Automatically show low on ammo icons on friendly soldiers.


  • Players using controllers can now do custom buttons/sticks mappings.


  • Moved ping widget to be below the kill log.
  • The user is able to switch the UGC option on a child account when fully blocked.


  • Implemented per region threshold settings for server side hit detection: 130ms for US + Europe, 200ms elsewhere.
  • Leading shot only necessary by the margin above the threshold, eg. For US @ 150ms ping, you have to lead by 20ms.

Bug Fixes

The May Battlefield 1 patch should also deliver bug fixes to address some of the ongoing problems with the game.

Here’s the list of bug fixes that should make it into the final version of the update.

Maps & Modes

  • Spectator Mode: Fixed a bug where the first person camera could become stuck during the Pigeon Carrier Artillery camera sequence on the Assault Tank.
  • Fixed missing game mode description for Breakthrough.


  • Fixed a bug with third person aiming on vehicles that caused a bullet to not fire in the correct direction when aiming at a soldiers head while they are on a horse.

Weapons & Gadgets

  • Fixed bug where Bipod Audio could persist when switching to secondary weapon


  • Fixed select Operation button not properly appearing when using the joypad or on console.


  • Fixed no squad in squad select screen being selected if the player is not in a squad. Will now select the first squad in the list by default. Also added support on PC for pressing the space bar to join/leave a squad.
  • Fixed issue with the flag icons and world icons ghosting when going in and out of the customize screen from the deploy screen.


  • Fixed server side hit registration interpolation.
  • Leading shot only necessary by the margin above the threshold, eg. For US @ 150ms ping, you have to lead by 20ms.
  • Fixed latency display for server which is also responsible for decision if to perform client or server side hit registration.
  • Fixed input offsets for server side hit registration to match client side.
  • Fixed wrong hit indicator display when dying.

The May update should also include a fix for the crashes and instability plaguing the game’s server admin tab.

One fix that probably won’t be inside the May update? A fix for bullet-dodging, also known as ADAD spam.

DICE says that it’s currently looking into the problem and a fix for the “jerkiness when a soldier is strafing and changing direction often from a 3rd person point of view.”

What’s Next

June is shaping up to be a big month for Battlefield 1.

DICE has also confirmed a new Battlefield 1 map called Prise de Tahure.

On top of the monthly patch, DICE is preparing to release a free map called Nivelle Nights. The map is the game’s first night map and it pits the French against the Germans.

The company also plans to detail the next Battlefield 1 DLC, In the Name of the Tsar, at its EA Play event in Los Angeles.

In the Name of the Tsar is scheduled to be released in late summer which puts its release date on track for August or September.

After that, the company is planning two more pieces of Battlefield 1 DLC including Turning Tides and Apocalypse.

For more on In the Name of the Tsar, take a look at our roundup below.

13 Things to Know About Battlefield 1 In The Name of The Tsar

In the Name of the Tsar Release Date

 1 / 13
In the Name of the Tsar Release Date

Given its placement in Battlefield 1 marketing materials we had a feeling In the Name of the Tsar would follow They Shall Not Pass. That's been confirmed.

In an interview with Kotaku, Valerian Noghin, lead designer of They Shall Not Pass, confirms In the Name of the Tsar will follow They Shall Not Pass.

After weeks of silence we also have an In the Name of the Tsar release window though it's not sitting well with Battlefield 1 players

DICE's latest DLC announcement confirms an In the Name of the Tsar release date for sometime in late summer.

The developers says this means “late summer” in Stockholm and Los Angeles where the company's development teams are based.

The summer of 2017 ends on September 22nd which means we could be looking at a release in August or, September, if we're extremely unlucky. 

Remember, those of you with the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass will get In the Name of the Tsar two weeks before everyone else. 

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