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9 Things to Do Before Installing macOS Catalina



This is what you need to do before installing macOS Catalina on your Mac. This will make the process go faster, smoother and if you do run into any problems, you will be better prepared to solve them. You should do this before installing the macOS 10.15 update that is available now for most Appel computers that ran macOS Mojave.

macOS Catalina is a huge upgrade, akin to iOS 13, and you shouldn’t install this without taking some steps to prepare yourself or your Mac. This macOS 10.15 update includes tons of new features that allow you to use your Apple Watch and your iPad with your Mac in new ways. It adds Apple Arcade and Apple TV to your Mac as well as a plethora of new apps.

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Here’s your game plan of what you need to do before you install macOS Catalina on your Mac at home or at work. This will help you avoid issues and fix problems that you may run into. This is what you need to do before you install macOS 10.15;

  1. Learn About macOS Catalina
  2. Decide If You’re Upgrading or Doing a Clean macOS Install
  3. Backup Your Mac
  4. Make Sure You Know Your Passwords
  5. Research macOS Catalina Feedback
  6. Prepare Yourself for macOS Catalina Problem
  7. Check App Reviews, Compatibility and Install Updates
  8. Talk to IT Before Installing
  9. Learn About the macOS Catalina to Mojave Downgrade Options

Keep in mind that this will take a while to install. We’re in the process of calculating that time, but you can expect to spend several hours with the current slow downloads. Even if you skip some of these steps, make sure you back up your Mac before you install macOS Catalina.

Learn About macOS Catalina

Learn About macOS Catalina

The macOS Catalina update is full of features, and it's a very important step in expanding the macOS ecosystem to better use the iPad and the Apple Watch. 

Here's a look at the most exciting new macOS Catalina features that are a part of this update. Here are the five most important things you need to know about the macOS Catalina update

After months of beta testing it should be ready, but we've seen many iOS 13 and watchOS 6 issues, so this is an update you need to spend time learning more about before you hit install. 

Once you spend time learning about this update, you can proceed to the next steps. 

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