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Apple Black Friday 2018 Ad & Deals: 7 Things to Expect & 3 Not To



Are you ready to upgrade to a new iPhone XS or iPhone XR? What about a new MacBook Pro? You may want to wait for the Apple Black Friday 2018 ad, and the huge number of Apple Black Friday 2018 deals that will be live at other retailers during Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from the 2018 Apple Black Friday ad, and what you should and shouldn’t expect from iPhone, iPad and Mac Black Friday deals this year.

With Black Friday starting earlier and earlier every year, you can already find some huge savings. Apple announced the 2018 iPad Pro, 2018 MacBook Air and a new Mac Mini on October 30th. These go on sale on November 7th, and are brand new for 2018. While it may be hard to find loads of deals on the new items during Black Friday, we still expect to see them. Additionally some of the hottest items like the Apple Watch 4 are still not in stock for delivery until after Black Friday.

2018 Apple Black Friday Expectations

  • Expect Lots of Early Apple Black Friday Deals
  • Expect iPhone XS Black Friday Deals
  • Expect Apple Watch Black Friday 2018 Deals
  • Expect iPad Black Friday 2018 Deals
  • Expect Many Mac Black Friday Deals
  • Expect Some Apple Store Black Friday Deals
  • Expect iTunes Gift Card Black Friday Deals
  • Don’t Expect the Best Deals at Apple
  • Don’t Expect Apple to be Open on Thanksgiving Day
  • Don’t Expect an Early Look at the 2018 Apple Black Friday Ad

Apple Black Friday Start Date & Time

Most Apple Stores do not open on Thanksgiving, so if you plan to buy directly from Apple, you should look for deals on Black Friday. Expect many of the deals direct from Apple to start at 12:01 AM Pacific on Black Friday. On Black Friday in store, you can expect Apple Stores to open around 8 AM local time.

The best Apple Black Friday deals are at Walmart, Target, Best Buy and online retailers. Many of these deals will start as part of early Black Friday 2018 deals at the start of November. Look for these at B&H Photo as well as other online stores.

Walmart, Target and Best Buy will all likely be open for Thanksgiving Day, and that is when you can expect huge deals on iPhones, iPads and Macs in store and online.

Will Apple Price Match on Black Friday?

Many of the biggest Apple Black Friday 2018 deals will be at other retailers. You may be tempted to go to an Apple Store on Black Friday to see if they will price-match these deals. Don’t waste your time on this. Apple can occasionally price-match, but it’s at the manager’s discretion and not normally done. On a busy shopping day like Black Friday, don’t expect to get any Apple Black Friday price matching.

Expect Lots of Early Apple Black Friday Deals

Expect Lots of Early Apple Black Friday Deals

You will be able to score a bunch of early Apple Black Friday deals in 2018 if you start shopping around in early November. 

We will see many deals on the $329 iPad, possibly chopping the price by $50 a part of early Black Friday deals. We should also see the number of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR deals pick up in early November before culminating on Thanksgiving Day. 

Expect to see tons of MacBook Pro deals in November. We're already seeing up to $400 off the 2017 MacBook Pro and scattered deals on the 2018 MacBook Pro at B&H Photo

Apple just announced a 2018 iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini. We'll see fewer deals on these, but expect a few options on Black Friday from Apple. 



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