Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Problems: What You Need to Know
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Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Problems: What You Need to Know



DICE’s third Battlefield 1 DLC expansion went through extensive testing, but Turning Tides and the Gallipoli update are causing problems for some Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC users.

The first batch of Turning Tides content is finally live for Premium Pass holders and it delivers a ton of changes including new maps, new weapons, new ranks, and new challenges.

As expected, the Turning Tides DLC arrived alongside a mandatory base game update for all Battlefield 1 players, not just those who purchased the game’s Premium Pass.

DICE is calling the first Turning Tides update the Gallipoli update and it delivers various tweaks and bug fixes for lingering Battlefield 1 problems.

While the December patch is loaded up with fixes and enhancements, the update and Turning Tides are causing problems for Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC users.

It’s early, but we’re already hearing and seeing complaints about installation issues, problems with the DLC’s balance, issues with graphics, and other common performance problems.

Today we want to take you through the most important things to know about Turning Tides problems as we push away from the first release toward the second Turning Tides release in January.

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Problems

DICE put the DLC through extensive testing, but we’re already hearing about bugs and problems with the latest piece of Battlefield 1 DLC. Some of these problems are new, others carried over from previous game builds.

Early Turning Tides issues include installation and download problems, issues launching the DLC content, FPS drops, crashes, lag, black screens, issues with Codexs, connection issues, issues with the new vehicles, and various graphical issues.

We’re just hours removed from the release so we fully expect the list of Turning Tides problems to grow as more people download the new content. Turning Tides is only available to Premium Pass holders right now, and the company will also release a second batch of content in January.

If you hate dealing with bugs and problems, particularly connectivity issues, we recommend waiting a few hours for some of these initial issues to subside.

How to Report Turning Tides Problems

If run into an issue with Turning Tides or the base game you’ll want to report the issue so DICE can get to work on a fix in a future update. There are a few ways to relay your issues to EA and DICE.

You can get in contact with EA via its official Battlefield social media accounts. You should also contact EA’s official support account.

You can also report your issues on EA’s Battlefield 1 troubleshooting forums or the Battlefield 1 Reddit where the game’s developers are extremely active.

How to Fix Turning Tides Issues

Some of these problems will require official patches from DICE. However, you might not have to wait for DICE to roll out its next update.

If you can’t get Turning Tides to launch on your PS4, you might need to restore your license.

If you’re playing on an Xbox One and you can’t get Turning Tides content to launch properly, you might need to delete and re-download the content.

If you’re dealing with bugs or performance problems like crashes or black screens, you’ll want to check out our list of fixes for common Battlefield 1 problems.

How to Track Turning Tides Problems

If you’ve reported a Turning Tides problem or you want to track the current list of issues, you can do so via the Battlefield 1 Bug Tracker.

The Battlefield 1 Bug Tracker outlines the bugs and problems DICE is currently investigating. You’ll notice several Turning Tides issues under investigation.

What’s Next

With the holidays coming up, we don’t expect any more Battlefield 1 patches in December. DICE could surprise, but we expect the next update to arrive in January.

DICE’s promised to release the rest of its Turning Tides content in January and we could see the new maps touch down alongside a base game update.

We expect January Battlefield 1 update to deliver bug fixes for problems plaguing the base game and Turning Tides. This is why it’s important to send your complaints in now so that the company’s engineers can get to work and improve the DLC for everyone.

Be on the lookout for the second Turning Tides release date. We expect those details to emerge in early 2018.

13 Things to Know About Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC

Apocalypse DLC Release Date

Apocalypse DLC Release Date

DICE initially confirmed the Apocalypse DLC release date for early 2018, but the developer's finally revealed an official release date. 

The Apocalypse release date looks like it's set for February 20th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. 

This February release date is for Premium Pass holders. Premium Pass holders will get access to the content two weeks before everyone else. That's one of the perks of the game's season pass.

We expect the rest of the Apocalypse details to arrive this month as the company looks to keep the ball rolling following the release of Turning Tides.

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