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19 Best Galaxy Note 9 Cases



These are the best Galaxy Note 9 cases to keep your new phone safe. With a massive screen, curved edges, and glass covering both the front and the back, you’ll absolutely want a case. We love the Spigen Galaxy Note 9 Liquid Air case, but that’s just one of many great options we’ll recommend below.

While our video below gives you a good look at the rugged Tech21 Galaxy Note 9 case, the slideshow at the end of the page shares an additional 18 top Galaxy Note 9 cases to buy. We have cheap cases, wallet cases, ultra-thin options, kickstands or heavy-duty protection. Some cost under $10 too, which is better than paying $200+ to fix a broken screen. Buy one today!

First off, while we recommend investing in a quality case from Samsung or a popular brand like Speck, even a cheap $10 TPU case is better than nothing. Then, if you don’t want to cover the premium Galaxy Note 9 design or new colors, just get a clear case.

Remember, this is a big heavy phone. A case will help prevent damage or scratches to the dual cameras on the back, keep that 6.4-inch screen safe from life’s daily hazards, and make the phone easier to hold.

Our slideshow below has great Galaxy Note 9 cases from Spigen, Otterbox, Tech21, Speck, UAG, Samsung, and even wood cases. And if you just got the Note 9, before you go, take a peek at these 40 Galaxy Note 9 tips and tricks.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case

The first case on our roundup comes from a brand millions of people know, use, and trust -- Spigen. 

Spigen's Liquid Air Armor is one of my favorite cases from the company and is quickly becoming more popular than the Spigen Rugged Armor case. With the Liquid Air Armor, you're getting an extremely rugged and durable case that's also very thin. Two things that usually don't go together. 

The Spigen Liquid Air Armor is made entirely from a slim form-fitting TPU material that's shock and drop resistant. They add a geometric pattern on the back to improve your grip, and to cut down on visible fingerprints. Two important things for Note 9 users. 

Most cases from Spigen (like this one) use an "air cushion" technology that puts little gaps in the corners of the case. This prevents damage from drops or accidents, and gives them a military-grade rating against life's daily hazards. This is an awesome and affordable case. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $11.99

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