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15 Cool Things Your Google Home Can Do



Control Netflix, Google Photos, WhatsApp & More

Control Netflix, Google Photos, WhatsApp & More

For the sake of time, we're adding all of these into one final slide. Did you know you can easily send WhatsApp messages, throw your Google Photos on the TV, or ask Google Home to play Bright from Netflix in the Living room? These are all Actions that have recently been added to Home. 

Once you connect a Chromecast device to Home you can ask it to play Orange is the New Black from Netflix, and it will play. Before, it only accessed Google Moves & TV content, but now it can pull content from tons of sources. 

You can ask Home to play a slideshow of vacation photos from Hawaii on the living room TV, or once WhatsApp is connected you can send messages from your phone through Home all with your voice. 

“OK Google, send a WhatsApp message to Cody” and then say whatever you want to say, and it will do it. 

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