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15 Cool Things Your Google Home Can Do



Control Your Home, Change the Temp, etc

Control Your Home, Change the Temp, etc

One of the biggest reasons a lot of people buy a Google Home is for Smart-Home features. If you own a Nest Cam or Thermostat you can control the temperature with Google Home. However, that's just one of over 1,500 things it can do. 

In fact, we recently learned that Google Home can control smart locks from August and Vivint, to name a few. 

"Ok Google, turn up the heater to 73 degrees" is something I say almost every morning, after leaving the heater off at night. I could use an IFTTT recipe to automatically do this at 6:00 am, but I enjoy talking to my Home device. This is in addition to changing the temperature, turning the lights on and off, checking to see if the lights are even on, closing the garage from work (when you forget) or controlling your smart toilet, fridge, or washing machine. That and more is all coming in 2018. 

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