15 Cool Things Your Google Home Can Do
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15 Cool Things Your Google Home Can Do



Hands-Free Calling

Hands-Free Calling

Did you know you can instantly call any phone number for free, without touching your phone or anything? In 2017 Google announced Hands-Free Calling with the Google Home. As long as you've paired a phone or Google Account to your Home, it has access to your contacts. 

You can say, "Ok Google, Call Cody's Cell" to instantly call someone on your phone. Or, ask it to call the closest Best Buy, Wells Fargo, or any other number whenever you need it. 

You can call any phone for free, and it uses your real phone number. That way the person on the other end knows it's you, instead of seeing "Unknown" or something else on the callerID. And yes, if your Wife tries to call someone it will access her contact list. Smart, right?

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