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15 Cool Things Your Google Home Can Do



Multiple Users (It Knows Your Voice) & Guests

Multiple Users (It Knows Your Voice) & Guests

Google Home knows you, knows your voice, and it's pretty amazing how it works. When you ask about your day, it tells you what's on YOUR calendar. When your significant other asks, it recognizes their voice, and tells them what they want to know, and not your information over again. 

Google Home supports multiple users, meaning an entire family can use one device. Simply download the Home app on each users account (and device) and connect to your Home or Home Mini. 

Now, just say, "Ok Google" a few times and it will quickly learn your voice. Later, using neural networks it knows who's talking to it or asking questions and pulls relevant information for each user and his/her account. 

Additionally, you can SHARE your home with friends or visiting family members without worrying about them messing with your account or profile, or controlling your house. Head into Google's Home app and launch a Guest account, and you're all set. 

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