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15 Cool Things Your Google Home Can Do



Turn On/Off Your TV With Home

Turn On/Off Your TV With Home

Another neat trick is being able to turn off your Chromecast-connected TV before heading to bed all with your voice. There are a few limitations though. If your TV supports HDMI-CEC, and the Chromecast is connected to the wall for power (and not the TV) then you can do all types of things with it.


Not only can you turn on the TV just by using your voice, but you can turn it off too. Just say:


“Ok Google, turn on the living room TV” and the Chromecast will accept the command and talk to the TV using the HDMI-CEC standard, and turn it on for you. A similar command will turn it off when you’re ready to leave the house or head to bed. One less step to instantly watch your favorite show. 


"Ok Google turn on the living room TV" followed by "Ok Google, watch House of Cards on Netflix in the living room" and you're all set. 

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