Common Clash Royale Problems & How to Fix Them

This guide goes over some of the most common Clash Royale problems and explains how to fix them. With updates nearly once a month things are constantly changing, which occasionally causes problems. Especially after the latest May and June 2018 updates. Here’s what you need to know, how to fix problems, and what to expect from the July 2018 update and moving forward.

Every month the developers at Supercell address problems, balance gameplay, or add new features. It’s a nice touch that keeps the game improving. Like the all-new Clan Wars. At the same time, constant updates can cause more harm than good. Which is exactly what we’re seeing lately.

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In 2018 we’re seeing more and more complaints about Clash Royale problems on Apple devices. Along with Samsung and older LG phones. Reddit and the old forums are loaded with complaints about bugs. From players unable to update, game freezes, Clan war problems, missing quests and more. Most notably, the April update has a weird battery drain bug. If you’re dealing with problems, read on for some quick tips.

Are you having problems playing Clash Royale? Some can’t watch replays or see the friends list, and others are constantly having WiFi drop. Even with a strong signal or sitting next to their router. Another big issue is quests aren’t working right or dropouts during the new Clan Wars.

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For the most part, a lot of the bugs that people report are just about the game freezing, or other small things. Most of them typically get fixed by the developers within a few days. However, Supercell confirmed the June 2018 release will make a major change that will cause problems for a lot of players with older devices. If Clash Royale won’t start or keeps draining your battery you’re not alone, and below we’ll explain how to fix it.

With that all said, these are some of the most common Clash Royale problems, and a few tips or suggestions to fix them. Our slideshow below has all the details to help you get back to battling.

WiFi Drops or Freezing

WiFi Drops or Freezing

One of the biggest problems is WiFi crashing while playing Clash Royale. The worst feeling is being in the lead during a multiplayer battle, about to beat your opponent, and seeing the dreaded WiFi logo in the middle of the screen. Everything stops responding, and the next thing you know he's 3-crowned you. Game over, you lost. 

This just happens from time to time. The way the game works is after a match is found, both players are added to a server to complete the battle. For whatever reason, WiFi drops just happen. Often times it's only to one person, and not both. Although I've got a draw before and neither player is able to drop troops. 

If you continue to experience WiFi drops over and over again, a few small things could remedy the situation. First up, physically close Clash Royale by using the multi-tasking button on iPhone or Android. Then restart it, for a more reliable connection. We'd also recommend turning WiFi off and back on, just to be safe. Head to Settings > WiFi, turn off and back on with Android. A similar step can be done on iPhone. Also, make sure battery saving or "Smart Network Switch" modes aren't enabled in the advanced settings menu on your smartphone.

Another idea is to toggle airplane mode on and back off, then re-enter your WiFi credentials or password. Or make sure your 4G LTE has at least two bars. 


  1. YK

    10/13/2017 at 12:26 pm

    When I move to the torunaments tab, the game stops ten exits. The challenge was stopped at three losses, and I have been unable to do touchdown.


  2. xander cage

    03/20/2018 at 2:17 pm

    On both iOS AND Android the game likes to just minimize at random during a match, especially 2v2 matches, and the longer the game and device have been running the more likely it happens. Usually every 2 games, sometimes on the very first (had it crash after a factory reset with literally nothing else running except system processes, over a gig free of memory and half a gig free of GPU according to the on screen stats I tested it with). It doesn’t crash entirely because it’s still there in the open application screen, and I can tap it again to load back into a match if I’m quick enough. My android is just a year old tablet, my phone is an older iphone, both have no problems loading or launching the game, it’s crashing in the middle of matches (with in addition to lag is kind of a big problem with a PVP ONLY GAME).

    My assumption would be a platform independent memory leak within their application itself, and when encountering more objects on the screen causes it to happen that much sooner (hence 2v2 being more of a problem than 1v1). But of course as a money grabbing company they don’t even have a customer support number or email available anywhere, and they ignore you on social media, so it’s doubtful they’ll ever fix anything unless it causes them to lose money.


  3. epsolon

    04/04/2018 at 5:53 am

    when i opened news royale tab i cant exit back to game. HELP!


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