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FIFA 18 Pre-Order Guide: 5 Reasons to Buy & 3 Reasons to Wait



Should you place your FIFA 18 pre-order now, or wait for more information and a hands on FIFA 18 demo in September? There are some very good reasons to pre-order FIFA 18 today, but there are also some major reasons to hold off and wait before you buy.

FIFA 18 is on the second year of Frostbit integration and bringing back The Journey for a second season alongside many new FIFA 18 features and gameplay enhancements. This isn’t a massive graphical upgrade, but it’s looking like the gameplay could make up for that.

The FIFA 18 release date is September 29th, but if you buy the Ronaldo Edition it’s on September 26th. The early FIFA 18 release date for EA Access and Origin Access is on September 21st — so you will be able to play soon. Here’s a rundown of the difference between the FIFA 18 editions, so you can decide which one to buy.

Here is a closer look at the reasons to place your FIFA 18 pre-order today and why many buyers should wait until later in September to pre-order the new FIFA game for 2017. If you pre-order FIFA 18 digitally, you cannot cancel the order. When you pre-order on a disk, you can cancel the order up until the release date if something changes.

Reasons to Pre-Order FIFA 18

  • You Love FIFA
  • You Want the FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition
  • Pre-Order for Massive FIFA 18 Deals
  • You Want Pre-Order Bonuses
  • You Want to Pre-Load

Reasons Not to Pre-Order FIFA 18

  • Wait for the FIFA 18 Demo
  • Wait for More Info
  • Wait for Reviews

Read on to learn more about each of these reasons so you can decide for yourself if it is worth pre-ordering FIFA 18, or if you should wait to see more information.

You can pre-order FIFA 18 at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and other retailers online and in stores and take advantage of FIFA 18 deals to save 20% on the game. Amazon is only selling FIFA 18 digitally for the time being.

You Love FIFA

You Love FIFA

 Do you buy the new FIFA every year? If this is your game and you are going to get it no matter what then go ahead and pre-order right now. This seems very simple, but we all have that one friend who agonizes over ordering the new FIFA game each year and waits until a week after launch to get it while pestering us about the game. 

Don't be that guy. If you've bought the last 10 FIFA games and will likely buy this one, just go ahead and lock in your pre-order now and enjoy the upcoming demo while you wait. 

Sure, there are some things we are waiting to see and learn, but for a lot of players EA would need to completely change how FIFA 18 plays and what the modes offer to convince them to stop buying the game each year. There are no signs that EA is going to disenfranchise the core players who buy the game each year. 

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