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How to Lower Your AT&T Bill



No matter how much your AT&T bill is, you probably feel like you pay too much for your AT&T cell phone bill. We’ll share five tips to lower your AT&T cell phone bill without leaving for a low-cost carrier or living without enough data.

The average cost of an AT&T bill is $141 a month according to a Cowen and Company report, and with fees going up and rates changing each month the odds are good that your AT&T bill is too high.

You don’t need to spend a day yelling at a AT&T rep to save money on your cell phone bill. Here are the 5 things you need to do today to save money on your AT&T cell phone bill without making major changes to how you use your iPhone or Android.

With new AT&T Unlimited data plans and more competitive rates, you can pay AT&T less each month without changing how you use your phone.

Here are five ways to lower your AT&T bill.

Here are five ways to lower your AT&T bill.

Find the Right AT&T Plan

If you are still on the same plan that you signed up for years ago, you need to investigate your usage and see if you should leave your old unlimited data or aged plan to go to a new plan. There are a wide range of plans including Mobile Share Advantage plans and the new Unlimited plans.

Most of the AT&T plans include the personal hotspot feature at no extra charge, allowing you to share your phone’s internet connection with a laptop or tablet, but

Not everyone should give up the old unlimited data or switch from an old plan to a AT&T Mobile Share Advantage plan, but if you are paying for more data, minutes or texts than you need the odds are good that you are overpaying.

If you don’t want to do the comparison by yourself online, call or stop in to an AT&T store and ask what you can do to lower your AT&T bill. You may spend an afternoon or evening making changes, but remember that even a $10 to $20 change per bill is $120 to $240 after a year.

When you go online you can compare your current plan to other plans and you will see your current plan price (over 3 months to include overages) and the new plan as well as your annual cost savings.

Switching from an old 20GB a month plan with one phone to the AT&T Unlimited Plus plan saves me $480 over two years, which is almost enough to buy a new iPhone.

Control Data Usage

Manage your data use to save on your AT&T bill.

Manage your data use to save on your AT&T bill.

The fastest way to lower your AT&T bill is to use less data and to avoid overages.

If you stream music, see if there is an option to save your favorite playlists to your phone to save on data use.

Make sure you always connect to WiFi when you can. This will save significant data use over the course of the month.

Use built-in tools on iPhone and Android to see how much data each app uses and control those apps or limit to WiFi.

Make sure you get alerts when your data usage is too high so that you can figure out if it is cheaper to upgrade to a higher data plan for that month or to pay an overage.

AT&T offers a Stream Saver that lowers the quality of streamed video to help you save on the data you us. This could help you keep watching mobile video without using too much data.

Smart data usage decisions can help you drop at least one data plan for most of the year and significantly lower your AT&T bill.

You can change data plans on a Mobile Share online at any time without impacting your contract. AT&T often delivers promotional data rates that offer bigger savings. You can lock these in to save long-term. If you decide to switch, you will lose that rate, so make sure to compare all the details before you confirm changes.

Trim AT&T Features You Don’t Use Anymore

How to Lower AT&T Bill - 4Did you add an international data plan for a trip you took last summer or are you still paying for ringback tones and child monitoring features on your AT&T bill?

Audit your bill every few months to see if you can drop features that you don’t actually need anymore. If you are paying for a special feature or service you should spend 10 minutes to see if there is an app solution that is cheaper or free.

This is even more important now that many new AT&T plans includes unlimited calling and texting in Canada and Mexico without an added fee as well as International texting to over 120 countries.

If you only use a feature sporadically, make sure that you turn it off when you don’t need it.

Share With Family

Share your account with friends or family.

Share your account with friends or family.

The fastest way to lower your AT&T bill is to use a family plan that includes more than just your immediate family, or if you are single to join up with a family.

A single smartphone on AT&T with 3GB of data is $60 a month. Add a second line and 3GB of additional data and the price is $100 a month. That’s $20 cheaper than going separately.

If you can join up with friends or with a bigger family that you trust to pay on time and regularly, this is an excellent way to save. This works out especially well for keeping parents or grandparents connected at a reasonable rate.

Check for Discounts

Don't miss out on any discounts that are available.

Don’t miss out on any discounts that are available.

AT&T offers discounts to employees of many companies and to military members. You can save significantly on your bill without changing any features on your plan.

Enter your work email to check for AT&T employee discounts at the AT&T business center. This includes large and small businesses, government employees and college and university faculty and staff. The discount varies by employer. If you don’t have a work email you can also ask at a local store.

Military members, DoD employees and veterans can get a 15% discount on AT&T wireless service. Vets need to go to a local AT&T store with a DD form 214, AmVets membership card or Veteran’s ID card and to mention FAN code 4085530 to enroll. Check out more details about this option to lower your AT&T bill.

You can even link your AT&T wireless account to your DirecTV account and save up to $25 a month on your TV.

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  1. Larry

    07/25/2015 at 9:52 am

    So easy it’s called t mobile the big red and AT&T suck anyways

  2. Rick K

    07/26/2015 at 12:20 pm

    Tip #6: Switch to T-Mobile. We pay $100 for 4 lines. Unlimited everything with North America roaming and free international data + text messaging. No contract either.

    Unless you live in the remote corners of Wyoming, no reason to be with AT&T.

  3. nothanks

    03/22/2016 at 9:08 am

    lol att military discount, i saved $ 2.00 the actual phone portion,it is what the discount is on, not on the “fees” portion the extra $?.?? monthly minimum att service fees. not the faxes, federal, district, territory, state, county, city boro., block house,room fees and any other fee they can imagine.. att new unlimited plan i seen on ty, i read the fine print, first 2gb of that at high speed then trottled dn too 128k who the hell uses 128k thats like 1980’s tech. this is written like its from att

  4. Sarah

    07/23/2016 at 12:12 am

    Granted I use a lot of data and my cell phone bill is always 250 300 350 a month. That’s just crazy to me when I could go with unlimited everything with t mobile for 100. Rip off

  5. Mike

    03/26/2017 at 6:47 pm

    I’d also suggest calling AT&T and just asking for their latest promotions. It takes quite some time (and patience) but it’s surprising how this actually works.
    And if that doesn’t work, there are also some companies that can handle the negotiation on your behalf with pretty good results. My brother works for and this what they do

  6. Michelle

    09/25/2017 at 11:14 pm

    I have found an e-book on ebay that I bought for a cheap price. The title of the e-book is “How To Lower Down Your AT&T Bill – Guarantee”
    I follow what the ebook said and it saved me $124.00 bucks a month. It’s worth buying.
    You can check it out on ebay –

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