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How to Turn Off the Galaxy Note 9 Notification LED Light



The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a big screen that’s always on and a bright blinking notification LED at the top. And while these are features most people love you can disable them if you want. In this guide we’ll show you how to turn off the Galaxy Note 9 notification LED.

The notification LED gives you at-a-glance information without turning on the screen. It blinks for incoming notifications, alerts, missed calls and more.

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However, with similar features like an always-on display or Edge notifications, the blinking LED is unnecessary for some. Not to mention distracting. Whether you’re in a movie theater and want it off, or just don’t like it, here’s how to turn it off. We’ll also show you how to change the colors.

How to Turn Off the Galaxy Note 9 Notification LED

In some situations, users are reporting phantom blinking. Where the LED lights up for no reason, and you don’t have an incoming notification. We’ve yet to experience this ourselves, but it’s a problem we’ve seen on past Samsung devices. Either way, let’s turn it off.


  • Tap the gear-shaped Settings button in the notification bar or app tray
  • Select Display
  • Scroll down to LED Indicator
  • Uncheck or flip the switch to OFF

Before you proceed, it’s worth noting that this completely kills the notification LED. Meaning you won’t see an orange, red, or green light while you’re charging the Galaxy Note 9. You can’t get rid of notifications but leave the charging status. It’s all or nothing. Now that we disabled the LED your phone won’t irritate others around you, or brighten up your bedroom late at night.

How to Change the Note 9 LED Color (and other details)

Another option is to customize when you see the notification LED, or turn it off for individual apps using apps like LightFlow. This way you’ll still get the battery charging status, and you’ll get a blinking light for apps you’re interested in while turning it off for everything else.

Download LightFlow from the Google Play Store and select what colors will light up for each specific app, or notification type. Or, hit “none” on apps you don’t want to see a visual notification for.

In closing, you can always turn the notification LED back on if you decide to give it another try later. Simple go back to Settings > Display > LED and flip it to ON. So, decide what’s best for you, customize the notifications if you want, or disable it completely. It’s all up to you.

While we’re talking about customization, here’s how to change the Galaxy Note 9 lock screen wallpaper and themes. Give it a try today.

15 Cool Things the Galaxy Note 9 Can Do

A Powerful New S-Pen with Bluetooth

A Powerful New S-Pen with Bluetooth

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 has a bigger 6.4-inch screen, powerful specs, the latest Android 8.1 Oreo, powerful cameras and more. It's a highly capable machine. It also comes with 128GB of storage, which is 2-4x more than your last Samsung phone. There's a lot to like. 

However, for Note fans, one of the best aspects is everything that's new for the S-Pen. Samsung's stylus now supports Bluetooth Low Energy, and it can communicate with the phone. Better yet, you'll never need to charge it. 

The S-Pen button can act as a remote shutter while you're taking photos or videos, pause and play video while you're enjoying a movie (or streaming it to your HDTV), and more. While the biggest talking point is the remote control features, that's not all it can do. 

You can control photos, videos, YouTube, slideshows, presentations, and even more once you use the Galaxy Note 9 as a computer with DeX (Desktop expansion). And now, you don't need a dock to even use Dex. 

The S-Pen can recharge in 40 seconds while inside the phone. Basically, it'll never run out of battery. If you leave it out long enough to run out, 40 seconds is all it takes to fully charge it. Do more with your phone, and do more with your S-Pen. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. E

    09/09/2019 at 1:02 pm

    how do I turn off the LED notification after I’ve seen the notification?

    before, after seeing the blinking LED light, I could unlock my phone to see the notification, but leave that notification in the drawer and after turning the screen off, the blinking would stop.

    now, the LED blinks continuously until I remove the notification from my menu. I want the LED only to notifiy me of new notifications but once I’ve seen them (regardless of if I remove them or leave them) I want the LED to turn off.

    How can I do this!?

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