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How to Unlock all Black Ops 4 Blackout Characters



Blackout characters in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 allow you to bring some of the most recognizable faces from Call of Duty into this Battle Royal mode. But, you have to unlock them first, and it’s not easy to do.

We’ll show you how to unlock the Black Ops 4 Blackout characters or skins that you can choose from instead of using the standard skin that half the map is covered with.

If you buy the Black Ops Pass you can get Shadow Man free right now and three other skins, but you don’t need to pay money to unlock the other Black Ops 4 Blackout skins.

How to unlock all the Black OPs 4 Blackout characters.

How to unlock all the Black OPs 4 Blackout characters.

When you play Blackout you will need to complete challenges to unlock the characters, some are as easy as collecting a few items around the map. Others require more complex tasks and then a win.

We’ll show you how you can unlock the 29 Blackout characters, and when possible give some tips to help you along the way. The characters are split into three groups;

  • Blackout Characters
  • Zombies Characters
  • Multiplayer Characters

Not all challenges are unlocked yet, so you won’t be able to complete all of these yet. Look at the character in the selection screen to see if the mission is available or unavailable before you take it on. We may not see some of the items appear in the map until a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 update arrives to add them in.

How to Unlock Blackout Characters

Some of these challenges aren’t available yet, but we have rumors that tell us what you will need to do. The Blackout characters unlock by getting a special item and then finishing or winning a match. Most of these unlock as you level up.

To level up in Black Ops 4 Blackout you need to earn merits. You get;

  • 10 Merits for a Kill
  • 50 Merits for Top 15
  • 50 Merits for Top 10
  • 50 Merits for Top 5
  • 100 Merits for Winning
  • 25-100 Merits for challenges

It’s not clear if we will see any Blackout 2XP events that allow you to double up on Merits and level up faster, or if the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 2XP is staying in Multiplayer.


  • Get a Bandanna by killing zombies or player
  • Get in and fly the Helicopter during a match
  • Win the match


  • Get the Locket – the catch is this isn’t available in the game yet.
  • Get a Kill with a shotgun
  • Get a Kill with a melee attack
  • Complete the game with the Locket in your inventory (No Win Required)


  • Unlock at Echelon 20


  • Unlock at Echelon 40


  • Unlock at Echelon 60


  • Unlock at Echelon 80

Battle Hardened

  • Unlock at Echelon 80 when you Prestige

You can’t Prestige Blackout like you can in the multiplayer game, but if you hit level 80, you will be able to go one more level to Prestige.

How to Unlock Zombies Blackout Characters

You can also unlock an array of Zombies characters to use in Blackout. These are typically Zombies related tasks, and thankfully you don’t need to win the match for these to work out. Some of these are still rumored, so proceed with caution.

Shadow Man


  • Find the Death Machine
  • Kill Zombies
  • Finish in the top 10


  • Find the Ray Gun
  • Kill Zombies
  • Finish in the top 5


  • Find a Cymbal Monkey
  • Kill Zombies
  • Finish in the top 10


  • Find Katanas
  • Kill Zombies
  • Finish in the top 10


  • Get both the Racing Goggles and Bandanna by killing zombies or looting dead players


  • Unknown


  • Unknown


  • Unknown

How to Unlock Multiplayer Blackout Characters

You can also unlock the multiplayer characters from Black Ops 4. You need to get something relating to their Specialist options and you can then complete an objective. These will take some time to complete and there is a lot of chance since you will need to find items on the map. You can unlock them when using any of the characters.


  • Find Battery’s War Machine
  • Get kills with the War Machine Grenade Launcher
  • Finish in the top 15


  • Find the Burned Doll in a supply box or supply drop
  • Confirm a Kill or Clean up a downed player with fire (Molotov)
  • Finish the game with the Burned Doll


  • Craft the Grapple Gun from missing pieces found on the map
  • Finish in the top 15


  • Find Seraph’s Annihilator
  • Get Annihilator Kills
  • Finish in the top 15


  • Loot fallen enemies for Broken Armor Plating peices
  • Finish the match with three Broken Armor Platings in your inventory


  • Obtain Poker Chips
  • End the match with 15 Healing Items
  • Finish in the top 3
  • Finish the match with the Poker Chips in your inventory


  • Find the I Ching Coins item
  • Take no collapse damage at all
  • Finish in the top 7
  • Finish with the I Ching Coins item in your inventory


  • Find the Note from Torque from a supply box or supply drop
  • Deploy two Razor Wires and one Carricade in a match
  • Finish in the top 7
  • Finish with the Note from Torque in your inventory

If some of these prove too difficult, we could see small tweaks to characters. There’s a chance that we will see other characters added as rewards for seasons and special objectives while Blackout grows over the next year.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Pass: 5 Reasons to Buy Now & 4 Reasons to Wait

Buy if You Love Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

If you're loving the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout game mode and the specialist filled multiplayer, the Black Ops Pass is the perfect addition to your gaming life. It will add to your gaming experience, and is worth it if this is your go to Battle Royale game into 2019.

Even if you skipped picking it up on day one like we did, if you are having fun in Blackout it is looking like a good investment. We now know about Operation Absolute Zero, and will have more details as it arrives today. 

It's especially interesting with the promise of more frequent arrivals and content than we typically see with DLC and a traditional season pass.

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