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7 HP Stream 11 Problems & How to Fix Them



HP Stream 11 problems are very frustrating. That’s why you need this breakdown of issues and fixes to address them. Without it, you may have to send your Windows 10 laptop back to HP for service.

HP Stream 11 problems are frustrating because you probably do everything on it. It’s your entertainment center when you are ready to watch Netflix and Hulu Plus. It’s also how you get homework done and shop online. You need it to work correctly every day.

Use these tips, tricks and workarounds to fix your HP Stream 11 problems. Gotta Be Mobile will add new HP Stream 11 problems and fixes to this breakdown as new reports of problems arrive.

How to Fix HP Stream 11 Wi-Fi Problems

Many users report HP Stream 11 Wi-Fi problems. Sometimes the system won’t connect to the internet when you wake it from sleep. Other times, the internet will stop working unexpectedly.

First, attempt to use the same Wi-Fi connection with another device, like your smartphone. If your smartphone connects to the internet using the same Wi-Fi network, there’s a problem with your HP Stream 11. Click on the Wi-Fi icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Then click on Network & Internet Settings. Look for the Network Troubleshooter and click on it. Follow the on-screen prompts to fix your HP Stream 11 Wi-Fi problems.

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If this doesn’t work, try restarting your laptop. Click on the Start button in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Next, click on the power button and choose Shut down. After your PC is completely off, turn it on again.

If the connection doesn’t work on your phone and on your HP Stream 11, there’s a problem with your internet access. Call your service provider to have them walk you through troubleshooting your router or modem.

Where to Order a Restore USB for the HP Stream 11

Your HP Stream 11 didn’t come with restore software. Instead, HP installed software for restoring your PC back to factory settings in an emergency. This software doesn’t help you if there’s something wrong with Windows or your BIOS, which is why it’s a good idea to buy a Restore USB drive.

The best place to get this restore media is directly from HP. Contact the company’s support department here. Have a shipping address, your credit card and your Stream 11 nearby. Let the agent know you’re ready to buy the restore media for your HP Stream 11.

How to Fix HP Stream 11 Battery Life Problems

If you’re having HP Stream 11 battery problems, try adjusting some of your settings or using some of your PC’s built-in tools to conserve battery power.

In Windows 10, click on the battery meter in the bottom-right corner of your screen. This is the power area. You can use the Battery Saver button to make your PC last longer between charges. It stops Mail, Facebook and other Windows Store apps from checking for updates in the background. It also darkens your device’s display. Some HP Stream 11 laptops even have a switch here that allows you to go from getting the best performance to getting the best battery life.

Battery Saver in Windows 10.

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If your HP Stream 11 doesn’t have Windows 10 on it, there are some basic steps you can take to boost battery life. First, lower your screen brightness. You can do this using the Function 2 and Function 3 keys along the top of your keyboard. Second, cut the number of apps you’re working with and close any extra browser tabs you have open. Lastly, turn off any wireless technology that you aren’t using, like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

When bad HP Stream 11 battery life is a constant problem, contact HP Support for a battery replacement. Don’t try to replace the battery inside your Stream 11 yourself.

How to Reset a Frozen HP Stream 11

To restart your frozen HP Stream 11, press the power button until the screen of your laptop goes black. Press the power button again to turn it back on.

How to Fix HP Stream 11 Storage Problems

HP Stream 11 storage problems turn up when your device has so much stuff on it that it can’t handle any more files.

First, try removing apps and programs that you don’t need. Open the Settings app, and click on Apps. Click on an app or program you don’t need and click on Uninstall.

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Windows 10 has a feature called Storage Sense that deletes unnecessary files. Inside the Settings app, click on System. Next, click on Storage in the menu on the left side of the app. It’s the fifth item in the list. Flip the Storage Sense switch to On. Storage Sense will delete the files that you don’t need regularly.

Your third option is to move some of your files. Your HP Stream 11 should have an SD card slot. Buy an SD card and move all your music and photos there. If you’re connected to the internet regularly, Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service comes with 5GB of online storage for you to put your files.

How to Fix HP Stream 11 Won’t Boot Problems

Some users report their HP Stream 11 won’t boot or start, no matter what they do. If this is happening to you, this is what you need to do.

With your device off, press the power button on your HP Stream 11. Then, press the ESC key on your laptop’s keyboard. Next, press F10. This should take you to your device’s BIOS and Restore Menu. You can reinstall Windows and get your PC working again from this screen.

If this doesn’t work for you, contact HP Support or head to tech help desk, like Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

How to Fix All HP Stream 11 Windows 10 Problems

Some users report HP Stream 11 Windows 10 problems that are ruining their experience. If your PC can start and you can log in, there’s a very easy way to address these issues. Just restore Windows 10.

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Back up all your documents, music, pictures and videos to a flash drive, external hard drive or OneDrive. Click on the Start button in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Next, tap or click on Settings. Then, click on Update & Recovery. Click on Recovery in the menu on the left side of the Settings app. It’s the fifth item in the list.

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Now follow all the on-screen prompts to restore Windows 10 to back to factory settings. This process can take a while, so be sure you have enough time to let your HP Stream 11 work on the restoration without interruption.

Again, Gotta Be Mobile will continue to add more HP Stream 11 problems to this breakdown as new issues turn up.

8 Best Chromebook Alternatives with Windows

HP Stream 11 - $199

HP Stream 11 - $199

The HP Stream 11 is the ultimate Chromebook alternative for adults on a budget and kids with a lot of personality.

Like other inexpensive laptops, the HP Stream has a plastic shell. You decide whether you want that shell in blue or a more playful purple. Either way, the keyboard deck has white keys and an unobtrusive decoration. It weighs 2.6 pounds.

The notebook's internals are modest. It has 4GB of RAM, an Intel Celeron N3060 dual-core processor and 32GB of storage. It's 11.6-inch 1366 x 768 display doesn't have touch. A built-in web camera lets you video chat, and the media card reader provides a convenient way to add storage or move files. A USB 2.0 port, HDMI port, headset jack and a USB 3.0 port all sit on the notebook's left and right edges. HP says that the machine lasts for 10 hours on a single charge.

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The best thing about the HP Stream 11 is its value. More expensive Windows 10 laptops only come with free trials of Microsoft Office, but the HP Stream 11 includes a $69.99 Office 365 Personal subscription. The service adds OneDrive storage, Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Buy the HP Stream 11 from Amazon for $199

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