Major iPhone 8 Feature to Increase Price, but Thrill Users
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Major iPhone 8 Feature to Increase Price, but Thrill Users



Apple is prepped to solve one of the biggest iPhone complaints by delivering an iPhone 8 feature that you won’t even see. This major upgrade could also increase the iPhone 8 price dramatically — even when you spread it out on monthly payments.

Consumers are ready for a change, and it’s one that we can get behind, but one of the biggest changes is coming inside the iPhone 8 and it could leave you without the need for a case or even for a charging cable.

The iPhone 8 design is a mystery, but there are a ton of beautiful iPhone 8 concepts that hope to show you what it will look like.

The most reliable man in Apple leaks just shared the news that three 2017 iPhones will all come with wireless charging built-in. If you’re counting that could be the iPhone 8 with an OLED display, an iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus.

The iPhone 8 may gain wireless charging, but it could cost consumers more.

The iPhone 8 may gain wireless charging, but it could cost consumers more.

Whether Apple calls it the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X, this is as close as you can get to reading about wireless charging on in iPhone 8 specs listing.

Ming-Chi Kou’s track record for Apple rumors is second to none. Kou uses sources inside the Apple supply chain and across the world to paint the best picture of the new iPhone every year. He primarily informs investors looking to make money on the new iPhone by purchasing stock in Apple and other companies, but he also shares notes that help potential buyers learn about new features.

In a note published on 9to5Mac, Kou asserts that we will see three new iPhones in 2017 and all three will include wireless charging. Kou states that Apple will need to change the internal design of the iPhone to deliver better heat dissipation because wireless charging creates more heat than plugging in. According to Kou, the heat will not be felt by consumers, but Apple will need to pay more for a redesigned 3D Touch sensor and there is a new graphite layer that will be inside the iPhone 8.

It’s not clear if the iPhone 8 wireless charging will come in the form of Energous WattUp as shown in the video below, or in a more traditional form.

This report comes right after Fast Company reports that the iPhone 8 price could arrive at over $1,000 for the premium model. A source familiar with Apple’s plans tells the publication that the cost of a new OLED display that spans the front of the phone, a new 3D touch sensor and other changes that will thrill consumers will cost quite a bit.

The leak also outlines the potential for a bigger iPhone 8 battery. Combined with wireless charging, this could mean less need to carry a Lightning cable with you and less need to invest in a battery case if Apple is able to deliver significantly better iPhone battery life.

Apple’s iPhone 8 release date is expected in September with multiple new iPhone models arriving around the same time. Expect iOS 11 on board, which Apple should announce in June at WWDC 2017.

7 iPhone 8 Features We Want in 2017

New iPhone 8 Design to Enable Features

New iPhone 8 Design to Enable Features

Everyone wants a new iPhone 8 design, but most people don't know what changes they actually want. We're leading off our iPhone 8 feature wish list with a new iPhone 8 design because it is a key part of enabling new iPhone 8 features.

After sticking with a very similar design for three years there is an expectation of major changes for the 2017 iPhone and here are the things we would love to see Apple do with a new design.

Shrink the overall size of the iPhone 7 Plus without lowering the screen size. Apple could do this by shrinking the bezels on the sides and bottom of the iPhone some to offer a smaller overall package. The latest leak from Apple shows how this could happen.

Apple could choose to change where you use Touch ID and how the home button works in new ways to make this happen. The latest designs don't show a home button. We could see a change to Touch ID  or a switch to face unlocking. 

We definitely don't want a phone that is slim just to be slim, especially not at the price of battery life, but there is something to be said about an iPhone 8 design that trims some fat.

The Jet Black iPhone 7 feels different than all the other colors. While it is more susceptible to scratches it is easier to grip, which is something we can definitely see Apple add to the new iPhone 8.

KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kou predicts the iPhone 8 design will look include an all glass front and back with stainless steel metal on the edges of premium models. This could come together for an iPhone 8 design that looks like a cross between the iPhone 4s and the Jet Black iPhone 7.

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