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iPhone Trade In Deals Spike Ahead of iPhone 8 & iPhone X Release



iPhone owners planning to upgrade to the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X have lots of opportunities to save money on their new smartphone now. T-Mobile and GameStop have new iPhone trade in deals that can save shoppers hundreds of dollars on the cost of their new iPhone this fall. Meanwhile, Flipsy and NextWorth are making it easier for upgraders to sell their old iPhones.

T-Mobile and GameStop revealed new iPhone trade-in deals shortly after Apple revealed its new iPhones on stage on September 12th. Normally, any discounts shoppers can use are important, but they’re even more important now that Apple has revealed its most expensive iPhone ever. The iPhone X, launches this November for $999, with an updated display and FaceID camera and Face Filters. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus pre-orders start on September 15th. They start at $699 and have new cameras and wireless charging.

New iPhone trade in deals can bring down the cost of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

T-Mobile’s iPhone trade in deal gives subscribers that sell them any device newer than the iPhone 5s $300 in credit towards the purchase of Apple’s newer devices. Buyers see this credit as monthly discounts on the Equipment Installation Plan that T-Mobile uses to let its customers pay the total cost of their phone in monthly increments. The company hasn’t said how long it will offer the bill credits, but it does note that the deal is only for a limited time.

GameStop’s new iPhone trade-in deal boosts the cash or credit that users receive when they sell their phone to the company for store credit or cash. The company will give shoppers $250 for the iPhone 6s and $400 for the iPhone 7. Sellers can keep the credit to apply toward future game purchases or get the value of their phone in cash to apply directly to their iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus purchase. Shoppers can trade in their current iPhone at any GameStop store, and offers quick quotes for other iPhone models.

iPhone 7 trade in offers at Flipsy.

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iPhone X buyers could benefit from NextWorth’s iPhone trade in program the most. Shoppers lock in their trade-in value the moment they request a quote. This lock lasts for 30 days, giving iPhone X buyers more time to use their phone without it depreciating in value because they waited to send it away. That’s important because Apple won’t begin selling the iPhone X until this November.

NextWorth users get $165 when they trade an iPhone 6s with 16GB of storage in perfect condition. An iPhone 6s Plus with 16GB of storage and in perfect condition gets users $185 in store credit. Trading in the iPhone 7 can get shoppers even bigger savings. An iPhone 7 with 32GB of storage gets new iPhone buyers $290. Finally, a 32GB iPhone 7 Plus gets shoppers $310 in credit.

Finally, there’s Flipsy, which is a marketplace for used phones. The service connects people selling their iPhone to shops that want to buy it. Sellers can quickly look at all the offers available and take the highest bid. One shop will buy the iPhone 6s with 16GB of storage for $236 on Flipsy. Sellers are offering as much as $461 on the 32GB iPhone 7 Plus, and an iPhone 7 with 360GB of storage fetches $360.

Expect more iPhone trade in deals soon. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus go on sale September 22nd, but shoppers can pre-order the new phones on September 15th.

iPhone X: 8 New Features You’ll Love & 3 You’ll Hate

Incredible iPhone X Display

Incredible iPhone X Display

The new iPhone X display is one of the biggest reasons to buy this phone. Literally. It's a 5.8-inch display that dominates the front of the new iPhone and it doesn't require a massive overall phone size to give you this much room. You do need to deal with a small cutout area where Apple packs in sensors and cameras at the top of the screen. 

Apple finally switches over to OLED technology for the Super Retina display. This screen features a 2436 x 1125 resolution and a whopping 458 ppi, which means you won't be seeing pixels when you look at it, just a lot of detail in your photos and videos. The screen also supports DolbyVision and HDR 10, which should make movies look stunning and there is support for True Tone, which helps deliver a more readable display. 

Apple says that this is the first OLED screen that they felt was ready for the iPhone and they promise accurate colors, true blacks and a very high brightness. This screen dominates the front of the phone and it's going to be one of the iPhone X features you'll love the most. 




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