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iPhone X: 8 New Features You’ll Love & 3 You’ll Hate



iPhone X Design and Size

iPhone X Design and Size

If you've been longing for an iPhone with a big screen, but you can't stand holding the iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 6s Plus then the iPhone X is what you want. This phone is just a little bit bigger than the iPhone 7, so it's still a jump up from the iPhone SE, but it is very manageable despite the bigger screen. 

Like the LG G6, the iPhone X screen curves around the edge, delivering an impressive looking design. Apple uses what they are calling the "most durable glass ever" to cover the front and back of the iPhone X. Stainless steel wraps around the edge of the phone and you end up with a very beautiful device that is also water and dust resistant.

You only get to choose between silver and black, so there aren't a ton of color options yet. If you are really interested in other colors, you'll want an iPhone X case or you will want to wait for special editions potentially in 2018. The iPhone X will even fit in your pocket much better than the iPhone 7 Plus.  

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