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LG G6 Packs Amazing Display in a Small Package



The LG G6 includes a beautiful new screen, an impressive camera, and a water-resistant design in a size that is easier to hold and use with one hand thanks to smart design choices. LG also includes Google Assistant on the G6.

LG announced the LG G6 ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and you’ll be able to buy it in April in the U.S., where we expect it on major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. A faster LG G6 release date isn’t the only reason to consider the LG G6.

The LG G6 delivers a big display in a smaller than expected package.

The LG G6 delivers a big display in a smaller than expected package.

A large display dominates the front of the phone. LG opts for a new 18:9 aspect ratio that the company suggests Samsung and Apple will follow.  The screen is flat and includes rounded corners to improve the durability of the device. The actual screen measurement is 5.61-inches, but it delivers the viewing area of a 5.7-inch display when you factor everything in.

LG calls this a FullVision Display due to screen features. The display is QHD+ and supports HDR 10 and DolbyVision so you can better enjoy content that you stream.

The new display size and plays into a new Square Camera feature that allows you to take 1:1 photos with the top half of the screen and see the photo you just took on the bottom half. This lets you quickly take a picture for Instagram and similar services and see your photo while still being ready to take another shot.

LG includes wide-angle cameras on the front and rear of the LG G6 so that you can capture more of what is around you and fit more people into photos and selfies. There are two 13MP cameras on the back of the G6, complete with image stabilization.

LG checks all the boxes when it comes to the LG G6 cameras.

LG checks all the boxes when it comes to the LG G6 cameras.

Similar to other dual-camera setups, like the iPhone 7 Plus, one offers a wide-angle and the other a zoom option, allowing you to use a 2x optical zoom that gets you closer to the subject without moving. We love this feature for taking photos of kids, pets and animals that could easily quit a cute pose when you approach. The selfie camera is 5MP and each of the rear cameras are 13MP.

LG no longer offers a removable battery, but they do pack in a large 3,300mAh battery with support for Quick Charge 3.0. LG emphasizes that they’ve made design choices to keep the battery safe including ports to dissipate heat. The LG G6 also supports wireless charging, even when wet.

LG chose to offer a water and dust resistant design instead of a removable battery, which is a trend we’ve seen from Samsung and Apple. The LG G6 can survive up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes and includes an IP68 rating.

The LG G6 runs Android 7.0 Nougat and includes Google Assistant, the new and improved Google voice and search tool that runs circles around Siri and Google Now.

LG only offers one storage size, a 32GB LG G6. The device features 4GB of RAM. The size is 148.9 x 71.9 x 7.9mm.

We’ll be sharing more about the LG G6 price, pre-order and the LG G6 release dates across U.S. carriers as soon as we have more information.

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Amazing Display

Amazing Display

 The LG G6 display is absolutely beautiful. The display uses an 18:9 ratio to deliver more usable space in a smaller package and LG chose round corners to make the screen less likely to break when you drop it. 

That's not all. The display supports DolbyVision HDR, which means you'll see amazing colors and incredible detail when you stream supported shows and movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

LG packs in a 5.61-inch display that the company says is closer to a 5.7-inch display due to the rounded corners. The screen supports QHD+ resolution and looks stunning. 

The LG G6 is a cinema worthy display that fits in your pocket. This display puts your TV to shame. 

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