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May Star Wars Battlefront Update: What’s New



May Star Wars Battlefront Update Problems

May Star Wars Battlefront Update Problems

As expected, the first client-side May Star Wars Battlefront update brings fixes, not features, to the Xbox One, PS4 and the PC. New features, including new offline features, will be coming on board future updates this spring. 

The May update is instead focused on cleaning up the game after the Outer Rim DLC release. The change log is extensive and we want to help break it down for you today. But first, we want to start with some of the issues that've popped up since its release earlier this month.

While the May Star Wars Battlefront update fixes a number of problems with the game, there's still work to be done. 

EA DICE says that it's still tracking a number of problems with the game, problems that will carry over to this upgrade. It's not clear when the next Battlefront update will roll out but you can expect fixes for some of these issues to be on board.

- Online friend avatars not displaying correctly:

- Aerial Combat no damage in strafing runs against enemy fighters:

- Selecting Heroes on X1 Sometimes Leads to the Game Picking the Hero for the Player:

- Invisible platform

- DL-44, EE-3, SE-14C and DL-18 all lock up after a single trigger pull *when aimed at an enemy* (PS4):

- Charge amounts for Star Cards not showing correctly

- Power ups and charges floating high in the air on Turning point

- AT-ST Token Bug on Hoth Twilight via Turning Point

- Win Rate Stat Showing 1% in-game

- Orbital Strike Triggering Bug

- Cargo - Stealing cargo, cargo return/stolen issues, Untouched cargo return

Gamers are also complaining about a number of other problems including poor network connectivity, issues with Hutt Contracts and active challenges, the Invincibility bug, abnormal amounts of lag, Bacta Bomb problems, and more.

We encourage Xbox One, PS4 and PC gamers to continue reporting bugs as needed so that DICE's engineers can get to work on more bug fixes. 

In the meantime, take a look at our list of fixes for common Star Wars Battlefront problems for additional help.

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1 Comment

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