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May Star Wars Battlefront Update: What’s New



Changes to Various Games Modes

Changes to Various Games Modes

The May Star Wars Battlefront update also comes with some big changes to the various game modes including Extraction, the mode that's available via the Outer Rim DLC. 

The change log states that it "increases the frequency of Extraction being played in the Outer Rim playlist from 50% to 75%. Two rounds of Extraction will now be played every other round." If you love Extraction, you'll love this change. If you don't...

The update also makes some changes to other game modes like Hero Hunt, Cargo, and Heroes vs. Villains. There's also a change to the way spawns and power-ups work. Here are those changes: 

- Hero Hunt: Resolved the issues which allowed there to be two heroes at the same time.

- Hero Hunt: Resolved a rare issue in which the interface would not appear after spawning in as a Hero in Hero Hunt.

- Hero Hunt: Removed the hero selection wheel. Now only showing the score and appointing the top damage dealer to become the next hero.

- Heroes Vs Villains: Decreased rounds required to win from 5 to 3 rounds if played in the Outer Rim playlist

- Heroes Vs Villains: Decreased time until first round starts from 60 to 30 seconds

- Heroes Vs Villains: Decreased time between round end and next one begins from 30 to 10 seconds

- Fighter Squadron: Resolved an issue in which you could spawn in to a different vehicle type in Fighter Squadron if you deploy in exactly at the same moment as another player does it on the opposite team.

- Cargo: Decreased time limit from 15 to 10 minutes if played in the Outer Rim playlist

- Power-ups: Fixed various issues with Power-ups being unreachable or blocked by the Environment.

- Spawns: Fixed player spawns across all modes on Ice Caves & Swamp Crash Site.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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