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May Star Wars Battlefront Update: What’s New



Weapon & Star Card Changes

Weapon & Star Card Changes

The developer has also made some tweaks to weapon and Star Card balance. 

Of note are two changes to the Personal Shield. You can now use the shield at the same time as the Jump pack and you can also swap weapons when the shield is active. That's big for many gamers. 

There's also a big change to Charge Cards. EA DICE says that before the May update "the duration timer would be decreased by half when standing close to the shipment in the game mode Extraction." With the May update installed "it's only the charge card cooldown that is decreased by half when standing close to the shipment."

Here are the rest of the tweaks. They include changes to the Blaster Cannon, Ion Detonator and more:

- Dioxis Grenade: Added a new scoring event for when you deal damage.

- Dioxis Grenade: Now the player will not be able to inflict self-damage when throwing a Dioxis Grenade next to a vehicle and then entering it.

- Dioxis Grenade: Increased the inner radius from 3 to 4m.

- Dioxis Grenade: Increased damage ticks. Increased inner radius damage from 6 to 7. Outer radius damage increased from 4 to 5. A total of 12 health will be dealt each tick when standing in the inner radius.

- DLT-19X: Removed a moment penalty that would occur when zooming in.

- DT-12: Raised rate of fire from 180 to 220.

- Relby-V10: Raised max damage from 24 to 25.

- RT-97C: Lowered weapon sway, Min 0.25 to 0.2, Max 2 to 1.5.

- Blaster Cannon: Increased inner explosion radius from 1 to 1.5m and the outer explosion radius from 1.5 to 2.5m.

- Blaster Cannon: Increased explosion damage from 25 to 34.

- Active Cooling: Made the fields slightly wider to make it easier even on the harder levels

- Ion Detonator: Will explode on impact instead of after a delay.

- Ion Detonator: Lowered inner explosion radius from 6 to 2m and the outer explosion radius from 7 to 4m.
Ion Detonator: Lowered the damage multiplier towards soldiers from 0.5X to 0.4X.

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1 Comment

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