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May Star Wars Battlefront Update: What’s New



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Changes to Stats & Progression

Changes to Stats & Progression

Stats and progression became a big problem for many gamers after the release of Outer Rim in late March and early April. EA DICE said that it would focus on fixes for these issues and it has delivered. 

The May Battlefront update comes with an assortment of fixes for stat and progression problems including a few changes to Hutt Contracts. Here's the full list:

- Stats: Resolved an issue in which players didn't get any stats after completing rounds of Hero Hunt in certain instances.

- Stats: Players should be able to observe all unlocked diorama figurines correctly when looking at another players profile in the social hub. Before only multiplayer based figurines would appear unlocked.

- Hutt Contracts: Some descriptions and criteria have been made clearer.

- Hutt Contracts: Updated the Criteria for DT-12, Relby-V10, and Scatter Gun to not require 15 kills in a round but rather 15 kills in total.

- Hutt Contracts: Unlocks obtained during a game round will now become instantly available and will not require the player to leave the server to access them.

- Diorama: Greedo Diorama criteria has been updated and now requires 7 unlocks. All players who have completed the 7 criteria pre-patch will have the diorama figurine automatically unlock next time they play and finish a round of multiplayer.

- Accomplishments: Changed the required amount of kills for the various weapon related accomplishment streaks from 10 kills to 7 kills.

- Scoring: Changed the term "Killstreak bonus" to "Combat Streak"

- Scoring: Increased various objective based scoring events and decreased various combat oriented scoring events.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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