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May Star Wars Battlefront Update: What’s New



General Changes

General Changes

EA DICE has delivered several important changes including a big change to combat rolling on PC. The developer says that it has "made it so that combat roll triggers on press, and not on release." There are also a few other important changes to the combat roll and they are noted below.

On top of that, the company says that it has squashed an invincibility bug that was problematic for several weeks. More specifically, the change log notes that the update resolves "an issue which would make players invincible after attempting to enter a vehicle."

Those are a couple of the highlights, here's the rest of the general bug fixes on board the Star Wars Battlefront May update:

- PC: Pressing enter will now open the chat channel.

- Vehicles: A timer has been added to Imperials exiting vehicles. Before they could instantly leave certain vehicles.

- Vehicles: Increased the time to enter a speeder bike from 0.3 to 0.5s.

- Combat Roll: Performing a melee attack at the same time as a combat roll will no longer break the animation.

- Combat Roll: Resolved an issue in which players couldn’t see another player performing a combat roll.

- Combat Roll: There’s now a 1.5s cooldown.

- Deluxe Edition: Resolved an issue in which the upgraded version of Ion Torpedo was awarded instead of the regular version.

- General: Various tweaks to the auto balance and matchmaking systems.

- General: Updated various error messages used in game.

- General: Updated the localization to resolve various text bugs.

- General: Resolved various clipping issues.

- Walker Assault: AT-AT health tweaks

Sullust 31000 to 35000 = +12% Increase
Jakku 35000 to 50000 = +30% Increase
Hoth 30000 to 40000 = +30% Increase
Endor 60000 to 80000 = +30% Increase
Tatooine 33000 to 40000 = +20% Increase

1 Comment

1 Comment

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