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3 Reasons Not to Install watchOS 5.2.1 & 10 Reasons You Should



The watchOS 5.2.1 update brings bug fixes to the Apple Watch and new features to the Apple Watch in several countries. With any watchOS update there are good reasons to upgrade right away, but there are also some reasons not to upgrade on day one.

ECG mode for the Apple Watch 4 was a major feature in a previous update, but it didn’t roll out in every country. If you are in Croatia, Czech Republic, Iceland, Poland and Slovakia you’ll definitely want to install this update. This update is coming to all models on watchOS 5,

In November after watchOS 5.1 broke some Apple Watch models and Apple was forced to push out watchOS 5.1.1, which is why the Apple Watch update numbers were slightly off from the iPhone and iPad. They synced back up with watchOS 5.2, but are now off from iOS 12.3.

Unlike the iOS 12.3 update, you cannot go back to watchOS 4 or watchOS 5 if you don’t like this update. Apple’s watchOS 5.2.1 is available for all users to download after installing iOS 12.3.

It will take a while for you to install the watchOS 5.2.1 update to your Apple Watch, but not as long as the main watchOS 5 update. You need to install the iOS 12.3 update before you install this, so you’ll want to read this post about the reasons to install iOS 12.3, and the reasons not to before you make that jump.

Most of the reasons to install watchOS 5 and watchOS 5.2 are about the exciting new Apple Watch features that add to the long list of things the Apple Watch can do. There are also performance improvements and other upgrades. Keep in mind that you may run into watchOS 5 problems and you will need to wait for another update since there is no downgrade option.

There are loads of reasons to install watchOS 5 or watchOS 5.2.1 on your watch today, but there are also several very important reasons not to install this update yet.

Install for Apple Watch Heart Features

If you have the Apple Watch 4, the watchOS 5.1.2 update unlocked one of the features you paid for when you bought the Apple Watch in several countries. With watchOS 5.2.1 it now arrives in Croatia, Czech Republic, Iceland, Poland and Slovakia. This update also includes irregular heart rhythm detection to these same countries.

With this upgrade you will be able to use the ECG feature to take a closer look at your heart health. This can alert you to issues like AFib and other irregular heartbeat issues. This can alert you to the problem and provide valuable data to your doctor. 

The ECG app is available on your iPhone running iOS 12.1.1 or later. This update comes with FDA approval as an over the counter solution to tracking these issues. 

Untreated, AFib can lead to stroke. It is estimated that AFib is a problem for up to 2% of the young population and 9% of people over 65 years old. 

With the Apple Watch Series 1 and later, you can also get an alert for an irregular heartbeat without the need for the ECG, which can also help with heart health. 



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    05/21/2019 at 10:27 am

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    • Don’t be ignorant

      07/10/2019 at 7:21 am

      Your parents failed you. Grow up and learn to be a decent human being.

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