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4 Reasons Not to Install watchOS 5 & 7 Reasons You Should



Apple’s watchOS 5 update is a major breath of fresh air for the Apple Watch. It might be enough to convince you that you don’t need to upgrade to the Apple Watch 4. Installing this update is a major decision, and unlike the iOS 12 update, you cannot go back to watchOS 4 if you don’t like it.

The watchOS update is available today for all users after months of testing. This upgrade is available on the Apple Watch Series 1 and newer. It is not coming to the original Apple Watch. It will ship on the Apple Watch 4, so you won’t have an option to install if you buy that model.

This is a big download and it will take a while for you to install the watchOS 5 update to your Apple Watch. You need to install the iOS 12 update before you install this, so you’ll want to read this post about the reasons to install iOS 12, and the reasons not to before you make that jump.

Most of the reasons to install watchOS 5 are about the exciting new Apple Watch features that add to the long list of things the Apple Watch can do. There are also performance improvements and other upgrades. Keep in mind that you may run into watchOS 5 problems and you will need to wait for another update since there is no downgrade option.

There are loads of reasons to install watchOS 5 on your watch today, but there are also several very important reasons not to install this update yet.

Install if Your Apple Watch is Sluggish

Install if Your Apple Watch is Sluggish

Is your Apple Watch feeling a little slow? The watchOS 5 upgrade may help speed it up. 

Apple doesn't specifically outline all of the performance enhancements and bug fixes in this update, but there is a very good chance that your Apple Watch will run better on the new software. 

This can fix connection issues, lag, battery life and other problems that you may be experiencing daily. Don't expect this to give your Series 1 a completely supercharged boost of speed, but you should see some improvements. 

You can jump into this update feet first and see for yourself, or wait a few days to see what other users with your Apple Watch model say about the overall speed on watchOS 5. 

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