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4 Reasons to Switch to AT&T, 3 Reasons Not to



If you’re thinking of switching of switching to AT&T, here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know including free HBO and data saving features. This is what you need to know before you switch to AT&T from T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and pre-paid carriers.

There are definitely some great reasons to switch to AT&T, but there are also some reasons to stick with your current carrier or look at other competitors instead of joining AT&T.

We regularly test major U.S. carriers and pre-paid carriers, allowing us to see how well service works across the U.S. and what each carrier does best. This also means we learn what carriers don’t do well.

Here are the reasons to switch to AT&T and the reasons not to leave your current carrier. Rob Wilson /

Here are the reasons to switch to AT&T and the reasons not to leave your current carrier. Rob Wilson /

If you choose to switch to AT&T, you can keep your number, but it is a major decision. Before you walk into a store or go online, this is what you need to know about AT&T. Here are the reasons to switch to AT&T;

  1. Switch for Great Coverage & Fast LTE
  2. Switch if You Have DirecTV
  3. Switch for HBO
  4. Switch for AT&T Deals

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are some reasons not to switch to AT&T:

  1. Don’t Switch to AT&T for Cheaper Plans
  2. Don’t Switch to AT&T if You Don’t Want to Buy a New Phone
  3. Don’t Switch to AT&T if You’re Happy Where You Are

This is what you need to consider before you switch to AT&T. If you are on Sprint, T-Mobile or a pre-paid carrier you may see a massive change in your coverage and plan options. If you are thinking about switching to AT&T from Verizon, you may not see as much of a change day-to-day, but you could save on your bill with different employee discounts and if you are a DirecTV subscriber.

Switch to AT&T for Great Coverage & Speeds

Switch to AT&T for Great Coverage & Speeds

AT&T is consistently one of the best carriers you can use in the U.S. The Gotta Be Mobile team regularly uses it in Ohio, San Francisco, Long Beach and as we travel. 

While there are still some very remote locations where Verizon has service but AT&T does not, for the most part, it's hard to find a place in the U.S. where you won't have service on AT&T. If you are sick of searching for a signal or dealing with slow connections, AT&T offers a fast and reliable network almost anywhere you find yourself. 

RootMetrics ranks AT&T as the number two carrier in the U.S. for overall performance, ranking right behind Verizon in all categories except calls, which AT&T came in third. AT&T data speeds vary based on location, so what's amazing in San Francisco may not be as awesome in Columbus, OH. You can check OpenSignal for details based on your location, which will help you make sure you sill see the speeds and coverage we enjoy. 

In most cases, switching from to AT&T will deliver a better experience than on Sprint and T-Mobile, and coverage on par with Verizon. 



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