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6 Reasons to Wait for the Pixel 5 & 4 Reasons Not To



Tight Budget? Get the Pixel 3a XL Instead (or Pixel 4a)

Tight Budget? Get the Pixel 3a XL Instead (or Pixel 4a)

While we already mentioned that the Pixel 5 and 5XL will be expensive phones when they arrive, and you might not be able to afford it, something cheaper is available now, and something similar will get released in just a few months.  

As usual, there are plenty of affordable phones you can buy right now. However, most of those don't deliver Google's "Pixel experience". If you're looking for that type of hardware, software, and camera setup you might want to consider the Pixel 3a, or wait for the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a XL

Yes, Google's Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL (previously known as the Pixel 3 Lite) deliver a great experience for those on a budget. While you're not getting the same powerful specs as a Pixel 3 or the new Pixel 4, it's about 90% of the experience for a lot less money. They even have Android 10, most of the new Assistant features, and most of the new camera features too. 

The Pixel 3a has a 5.6-inch screen, Android 10, plenty of power and more all for only $399. Seriously. Google went big here, very aggressive on pricing, and it's an excellent phone for millions of people. Give it serious thought. 

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