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11 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Galaxy Note 7



The impressive new Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung is coming on August 19th and has tons of features that will allow users to do even more with their smartphone. Here we’ll be going over some reasons buyers will love the Galaxy Note 7 and all that it has to offer. From a curved screen to water resistance and a brand new Iris eye scanner for improved security.

Samsung added a lot of features to the Galaxy Note 7 that were sadly missing from the Note 5 in 2015. These Galaxy Note 7 features will make upgrading from a Galaxy Note 5 much easier thanks to the inclusion of some of our favorite options.

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As we said above, the release date is August 19th so buyers won’t have to wait very long before they’ll be able to try out the new curved display, the S-Pen working under water, or the fancy new Iris eye scanner and highly capable 12 megapixel camera. The Note 7 has all the makings for a top-tier flagship smartphone, and here’s some awesome features worth talking about.


The Galaxy Note 7 has a big 5.7-inch Quad-HD curved display, a bigger battery, micro-SD slot, an improved camera, tons of new S-Pen features and more. As a result it’s pretty expensive. Buyers can pre-order it right now, and it runs about $28-$36 per month from carriers or $850 outright. It’s a high price, but along with it comes tons of features that most other smartphones can’t offer.

While you consider if the Galaxy Note 7 is worth buying it is a good idea to see how it compares to the Galaxy S7 Edge released back in March, then continue on to learn all about the new Note.

Our slideshow below will go over everything that’s new and improved compared to the last Galaxy Note, new features that buyers will love, things we saw on the Galaxy S7 that made it receive an Editors’ Choice Award and more. This is the Galaxy Note 7, and what makes it unique.

Curved "Edge" Display


 The new Galaxy Note 7 has a big 5.7-inch curved display like we've seen on multiple recent Samsung smartphones. It's the first Note that doesn't have a flat screen, but the curve isn't nearly as noticeable as the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung found a good middle ground where it isn't too curved to mess with the S-Pen features, but still curved enough to use the "Edge" panel. The screen is gorgeous, but now a quick swipe from the Edge brings up recent or favorite contacts, a list of your most used apps, quick notifications, a ruler or Twitter alerts and more. It's basically a small little area off to the side with extra features.

And new to the Note 7 is an extension of "People Edge" where our favorite contacts can be accessed with a swipe. There are now color-coordinated Edge panels for contacts like a family member, husband or wife, or a girlfriend. One swipe shows us their photo, lets users instantly make a call, send a message, take and send them a selfie photo, and more. It's like a quick way to communicate with friends or loved ones easier than ever before.

This is on top of everything else the Edge has to offer, much of which we've seen on Samsung phones for the past few years. I wasn't excited about the Note 7 only coming in an Edge model, but after using the phone in New York City I don't think anyone will or should mind.

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