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11 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Galaxy Note 7



Note 7 Storage and Micro-SD slot

Note 7 Storage and Micro-SD slot

The biggest complaint everyone had with the Galaxy Note 5 from last year was that it only had 32GB of storage and no micro-SD slot. This simply isn't enough storage for a big powerful smartphone, especially after you've owned it for a year or so.

The new Galaxy Note 7 has double the storage, with 64GB of space for apps, music, movies and games, and a micro-SD slot for storage expansion. You can toss a 256GB micro-SD inside and have over 300GB of space for anything and everything. This is a huge reason to ditch the Note 5 for the new and improved Galaxy Note 7.

Those who pre-order the Note 7 will get a free 256GB micro-SD card. That's a deal.

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