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11 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Galaxy Note 7



Better S-Pen with New Features

Better S-Pen with New Features

The S-Pen stylus has gotten better and better with each new Note, and this year is no different. It's smaller and easier to hold, more accurate, faster, and makes writing on the screen easier than ever before.

The new Note 7 S-Pen is sized like a 0.07mm ball-point pen so it feels natural while writing on the screen, and as we said above it's water resistant and even writes on the screen while under water. Impressive right.

To make things even better the S-Pen stylus still can write on the screen while it's turned off, but it received new features too. Air Command, accessed by the pop-up when you remove the pen, has some neat new features. They’re fairly self-explanatory: translate allows you to do text-to-speech, similar to Google Translate. And Magnify, which of course zooms in on content to make things easier to see and read.

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