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11 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Galaxy Note 7



Waterproof Galaxy Note 7 Design

Waterproof Galaxy Note 7 Design

Perhaps my favorite part of the Galaxy Note 7 (like the S7 Edge) is that Samsung managed to improve it in every aspect, and then to top it all off made the phone water resistant.

It's certified for IP68 dust and water resistance. Which means it can be submerged in over 5-ft of water for 30+ minutes and won't have any problems. The S-Pen can be removed, and it's waterproof too. As an added bonus, the S-Pen stylus works under water. Yes this phone can get wet, works under water, and won't die from accidental spills.

It seems like a small thing, but the peace of mind that comes along with an IP68 rated phone simply can't be ignored. Oh, and none of the ports are sealed or have flaps covering the charging port. It just works, and is waterproof. Gotta love it.

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