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11 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Galaxy Note 7



Iris Eye Scanner

Iris Eye Scanner

Fingerprint security is a nice touch that we've all come to expect on smartphones, but Samsung has something even better for the Galaxy Note 7. While they expect most will still use the fingerprint scanner, there is a new Biometric Iris Eye Scanner on the front, near the front-facing camera.

The Iris eye scanner took 5 years to develop, and it works amazingly well. Simply open your eyes and look at the sensor above the screen and the phone instantly unlocks. It's over 200 times more secure than a fingerprint, unique to every person, and the Iris scanner can't be fooled by a photo or even a video of someones eye. It's something right out of a Mission Impossible movie, and it works great.

What's even better is a new folder on the phone called the "Secure Folder" that can be locked to an Iris scan. Users can save photos, files, documents and information in here that is protected behind a super secure layer, but that isn't all this folder can do.

The secure folder can run apps independently from the rest of the phone. Meaning owners can have one email account for person use, then a super protected and secure second account in the secure folder. You can have a second facebook app installed in here, or any app for that matter. The phone essentially partitions this off and allows for two of the same app to be installed, if the user wishes.

Meaning everything can be secured by just a fingerprint, then extra important files, docs or apps can be put safely behind the Iris scanner inside the secure folder. This could really come in handy for business users.

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