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September Madden 17 Update: What’s New in 17.0.3



The first Madden 17 update is here and it promises a lot of bug fixes that will change how you play the game. This is what’s new in the September Madden 17 update to 17.0.3.

EA released the Madden 17 17.0.3 update to the PS4 and Xbox One early on September 2nd. These updates contain the same fixes, and they are now available to download on current generation consoles. Even with the update there is the potential for Madden 17 problems.

PS4 owners have a large 4.8GB Madden 17 patch while Xbox One users only need to download a 368MB Madden 17 update. This brings both systems to the Madden 17 17.0.3 update. There is no confirmation of updates for the Xbox 360 or PS3.

This is what's new in the Madden 17 update 17.0.3.

This is what’s new in the Madden 17 update 17.0.3.

When you start Madden 17 next you will be prompted to download and install this update. If your console is set up to automatically download updates in the background it may be waiting for you when you go to play next. PS4 owners especially should plan ahead since that is a major update that could take a long time to download.

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What’s New in the September Madden 17 Update

There are many changes in the Madden 17 update to 17.0.3, but we are waiting for the official patch notes to arrive and list each individual change. Thanks to the update screen and to EA employees we know a lot about what the September Madden 17 update offers.

What's new in the September Madden 17 update.

What’s new in the September Madden 17 update.

There is no need to reset online and offline franchises for these changes to go into effect on your system.

  • Fixed glitch that told you if the offense was running or passing.
  • AI strip tackle attempts reduced — should cut down on fumbles.
  • Fixed bug that showed incoming rookie ratings in an offline franchise.
  • No more white vs white jerseys in Head to Head games
  • Fixed freezes while playing MUT Solo challenges
  • Force Defender is now less effective on outside runs.
  • Fixes a blocker not blocking in hurry up offense situations.
  • Fix for inability to move or see receiver icons during Play Action Pass.
  • Fix for PC QB not scrambling.
  • Defenders now slow down when stamina is out.
  • Fumble frequency in MUT Solo tuned.

These are just the Madden 17 update changes that we know from Clint Oldenburg, Designer for Madden 17 and from Rex Dickson, Creative Director for EA Sports Madden. Both of these individuals shared this information on Twitter. We expect detailed Madden 17 17.0.3 patch notes later today.

Madden 17 vs Madden 16: What’s New

Madden 17 Running Upgrades & Special Moves

Madden 17 Running Upgrades & Special Moves

When you pick up the controller and try to put the juke on your friends this fall, Madden 17 has a major change in store.

The first thing you need to know about Madden 17 special moves is that the player rating and player style will impact how well they perform each move. Ea explains that, "Bruising backs have better trucks & stiff-arms while smaller backs have better jukes & spins," so you better play like that player if you want to bust out a special move and go all the way. There are also all new animations for the special moves.

The special move ratings and body weight will impact the animation and the chance of success will vary based on player ratings. There are elite moves for the best players, OK moves for those rated 70's and 80's and lumbering moves that you will see if a huge player recovers a fumble.

When a player's stamina is down, in Madden 17, the special moves will drop one level. Be careful how much speed boost you use in the lead up to a special move.

There are also upgrades to the fakeouts in Madden 17. If you time your special move correctly you can deliver a multi-player fakeout, allowing you to get past multiple player with a single move. You will need perfect timing and to know which special moves this runner is best with. Your position also has a very important role in pulling off a perfect fakeout in Madden 17.

After you figure all that out, you'll need to know what your player is capable of and what his best moves are to really show off what you are made of.

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