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Shocking Glitch Creates Destiny 2 Trials of Nine Delay



A shocking new glitch is causing a huge Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine delay. Now Xbox One, PS4 and PC gamers won’t get access to the multiplayer competition again until November 3rd.

Bungie is postponing the next two Trials of the Nine events due to the Bureaucratic Glitch. Players discovered the glitch last week, and it allows any gamer to run their character through some walls by purchasing the Bureaucratic emote through the game’s store. Under any circumstances, that’s a bad bug, but this glitch works in the game’s online mode, giving players that exploit it an unfair advantage against everyone else. Trials of the Nine is all about rewarding gamers for their skills, and any exploit that creates a unlevel experience compromises that.

Bungie revealed the Trials of the Nine delay in a post on the Bungie Blog. Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer game that’s always changing and evolving. Trials of the Nine gives gamers another way to compare their performance against their friends and get special gear. That gear increases their character’s light level and makes them more formidable, which is why Trials of the Nine is so important.

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By the time the Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine delay ends, all gamers should be able to play without the Bureaucratic Glitch skewing their team’s performance. Destiny 2 launched on Xbox One and PS4 in early September, and the Destiny 2 PC release is set for Tuesday, October 24th. The studio could extend its Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine delay if it’s unable to fix the bug by then.

With Destiny 2 available on consoles and PC, Bungie will turn to downloadable content updates next, allegedly. According to Destiny 2 DLC rumors, the studio plans to launch Destiny 2 Expansion 1 this November or December. Anyone that has the Destiny 2 Expansion Pass gets this upcoming DLC for free.

5 New Destiny 2 Features Worth Upgrading For

Destiny 2 Cinematic Story

Destiny 2 Cinematic Story

The most exciting of Destiny 2’s features are what Bungie is calling its “cinematic campaign.” That’s because the original Destiny arrived with an unorthodox single-player. The story wasn’t cohesive and didn’t dive into the game’s lore much. There were times when the story that was there seemed out-of-place.

Destiny 2 promises a real narrative. Nathan Fillion and Lance Reddick star in the game’s story. During the middle of a calm meeting, it slowly dawns on the command staff at Earth’s last remaining city that something is about to go wrong. Soon they’re bombarded by a huge garrison of battleships. The Red Legion wants the power of the Traveler Orb floating above the city for itself. Gamers can expect lots of cutscenes between tasks in the game’s campaign. The scenes Bungie has shown off so far feel more like a movie than a video game. They are better at conveying what’s going on than Destiny’s story.

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