8 Tips for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Buyers

If you’re thinking about waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date, there are some things you should start doing ahead of its launch in August.

Samsung’s confirmed that its working on a successor to the Galaxy Note 8. The company hasn’t showcased the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 yet, that’ll happen on August 9th, but we know it’ll hit shelves sometime this fall to do battle with the likes of the iPhone 11, Google Pixel 3, and yes, the Galaxy S9.

Rumors, benchmarks and Samsung itself have outlined a few potential Galaxy Note 9 features including S Pen upgrades, a larger battery, and more RAM. The Note series has always delivered a ton of horsepower and you can expect the same from the next Galaxy Note.

Samsung typically puts several months between the release of a new Galaxy S and a new Galaxy Note and this year is no different. All signs point to a Galaxy Note 9 release date landing ahead of Apple’s iPhone 11 release date.

It’ll take several weeks for Galaxy Note 9 rumors to firm up and for Samsung executives to take the stage and rundown the official specs. If you can’t wait until August, you might want to start looking at Galaxy Note 9 alternatives.

While some of you might want to buy your new phone right now or in the near future, there are also some good reasons to hang around and wait for the Galaxy Note 9.

If you decide to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you’ll want to do some prep work as we get closer to the phone’s launch date in August.

This guide will lead you through some of the steps we think prospective Galaxy Note 9 buyers should take right now and in the weeks ahead.

Keep an Eye on Galaxy Note 9 Rumors

Keep an Eye on Galaxy Note 9 Rumors

If you're thinking about waiting around for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 make sure you keep your eyes out for new rumors as we push through July. 

We've seen a few credible pieces of information emerge in the first half of 2018, but the majority of Galaxy Note 9 rumors will emerge during the summer months as plans get finalized and as Samsung ramps up production ahead of the device's launch date in August. 

There will be a ton of noise and publications will likely get some information wrong so don't believe every single rumor or Galaxy Note 9 concept you see. The most credible rumors will emerge close to the announcement date. They'll also come from respected names. 

When KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issues a note about the Galaxy Note 9, make sure you pay attention. Kuo's accurately predicted many features on Apple and Samsung devices. 

These rumors will help you set proper expectations about the device's hardware and software and setting correct expectations will help you avoid disappointment later this year. 

It's probably a good idea to keep your eyes out for iPhone 11, Google Pixel 3, and LG G7 rumors as well. They'll be some of the Galaxy Note 9's top competitors. 

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