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Waterfield Maxwell 2016 MacBook Pro Sleeve Review



The Waterfield Maxwell Sleeve is an excellent 2016 Macbook Pro sleeve that keeps your notebook safe, adds almost no bulk and looks great.

SF Bags offers the Maxwell sleeve in a range of colors to match your style and hit on your favorite colors. Combining a mesh padded material with a leather grip the 2016 MacBook Pro sleeve checks all the boxes in what we want to carry our MacBook Pro around.

There is a time and a place for a full bag, but when you just need to carry your MacBook Pro with you to a meeting, the Maxwell sleeve is what you’re looking for. The Maxwell sleeve is $119 with the colorful options, $109 for waxed canvas and $99 for black ballistic.

The Maxwell Sleeve holds the 2016 MacBook Pro perfectly.

The Maxwell Sleeve holds the 2016 MacBook Pro perfectly.

The Maxwell Sleeve holds the 2016 MacBook Pro perfectly.
Waterfield Maxwell Sleeve
Custom fit to MacBook Pro
Many color choices and options.
Well designed and constructed
It's a more expensive MacBook Pro sleeve.
A great looking, slim way to protect the 2016 MacBook Pro.

Sized to perfectly fit the 2016 Macbook Pro with Touch Bar, this sleeve is no bigger than it needs to be. There is no room for the MacBook Pro charger in this sleeve and you’d be lucky to squeeze other 2016 Macbook Pro accessories in it, though you can toss a dongle or two in. When you just need your computer it’s an excellent standalone option.

One benefit of this slim design is that it can easily slide into a larger backpack, bag or luggage so that you can keep your MacBook Pro safe from scratches.

This is a stylish, slim and protective MacBook Pro sleeve.

This is a stylish, slim and protective MacBook Pro sleeve.

One of the coolest features of the Maxwell sleeve is that the closure is magnetic. There is no velcro, zipper or button to make noise when you need to get to your MacBook Pro. Just slide the magnets apart and grab your device. The magnets even close silently thanks to just the right amount of material. In addition to silent use, it’s part of the clean look that you get with this sleeve.

The 2016 MacBook Pro sleeve is primarily made from a water-repellent Nano-tex material in four color options. SF Bags also offers waxed canvas and black ballistic finish options.  There is a small leather hand grip on the bottom and a tasteful Waterfield logo on one side. Small D-rings on each side let you buy with an optional strap or to add your own if you want to make this into a small bag.

A magnetic closure is secure and quiet.

A magnetic closure is secure and quiet.

The bags are custom fit for the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, so you don’t end up with any added bulk. The sleeves are available in horizontal and vertical orientation to match your preference. While traveling your laptop can stay in the sleeve through TSA.

After using the Maxwell Sleeve for the 2016 MacBook Pro for two months its held up well and it’s the best MacBook Pro sleeve we’ve used with the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. If you’re looking for a stylish way to carry your MacBook Pro without adding much bulk, the Maxwell Sleeve is an excellent choice.

16 Best MacBook Pro Cases and Covers

Moshi iGlaze

Moshi iGlaze
$54.95 and $64.95 at Moshi

 The Moshi iGlaze is a slim, hard MacBook Pro case that covers your new MacBook in a clear, but slightly glazed, protective shell. 

This 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro case clips on to your new laptop, providing protection to the top and the bottom. I've used a version of this for the 12-inch MacBook and love that it doesn't show wear easily thanks to the glazed finish. 

With slightly raised feet on the bottom it stays in place when you are working on it and all vents remain open. Any added weight or bulk is minimal and well worth the tradeoff for the protection this offers. 

This is available for both the 15-inch MacBook Pro with TouchBar and the 13-inch MacBook Pro with TouchBar and without.  

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