Xbox Scorpio vs Xbox One S

Video game consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox One owe their popularity to simplicity. To let PC gamers tell it, piecing together a gaming computer is something that everyone can and wants to do, but that’s simply not true. A PC that’s robust enough to offer a great gaming experience doesn’t come cheap, even if barebones PCs are dropping in price. They’re also forgetting how complicated maintaining a gaming PC is. Every week there’s new drivers to install. Every day there’s some new report of a graphics card bug or game issue that prevents some gamers from getting the most out of their newly purchased title. Microsoft knows all this, which is why it’s creating the Xbox Scorpio.

The Xbox Scorpio is Microsoft trying to capitalize on the strengths of PC gaming and console gaming. Everyone won’t buy a gaming PC, but a vocal group of dedicated gamers want the best visuals possible. What’s more, they’re willing to pay more than the average cost of a video game console to get those improved visuals. At the same time that it’s embracing these elite gamers, the company is doubling down on the core mission of video game consoles in general.


Gamers might be ready to pay more for the best graphics, but it’s a sure bet they’ll appreciate not having to worry about graphic driver updates or whether their controller will work with the game they just purchased. Microsoft is betting that they still want effortless multiplayer over Xbox Live.

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Set to arrive in 2017, the Xbox Scorpio is the most exciting and ambitious thing to come out of Xbox since the first Xbox One, and it’ll be sold alongside today’s Xbox One S. Here’s how the two compare.

Xbox Scorpio vs Xbox One S: How They’re the Same

You may not know this, but Microsoft announced two new video game consoles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo back in June. One of these was the Xbox Scorpio, and the other was the Xbox One S.

The Xbox One S is basically an all-new Xbox One. It’s a streamlined, albeit slightly upgraded, version of the Xbox One that shoppers have been able to buy since November of 2013. The console is a lot smaller than the previous Xbox, but don’t be fooled. It’s meant for the same kind of shopper: someone that’s looking to play the latest games with as little hassle as possible. Shoppers choose their storage size, with 1TB, 2TB and 500GB options available worldwide. This console does come with an upgraded Xbox Wireless Controller and support for television sets with High-Dynamic Range color contrast and 4K Ultra HD resolutions. Videos play at 4K resolution, but games are up-scaled to 4K.


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Think of the Xbox One S as a starting point for the Xbox Scorpio. We don’t know what storage options Microsoft will offer, but we do know that Scorpio is a variant of the Xbox One. It’ll use the same apps, the same Xbox Live Gold subscription for multiplayer and offer the same games. We’re not sure how much storage the console will pack yet.

Xbox Scorpio vs Xbox One S: How They’re Different

Unlike the Xbox One and Xbox One S, Microsoft is aiming to create the best machine at the lowest price possible. When it designed the Xbox One and Xbox One S, the company had to stick to a price that families could stomach. Visuals and features were big concerns, but not as big as creating a machine that the masses could afford and not empty their savings account.

The Xbox Scorpio is for those that want the best graphics. Hardware upgrades inside allow it to handle games with higher resolutions than what the Xbox One and Xbox One S offer. Games won’t get scaled up from lower resolutions on 4K televisions. Games that offer 4K support will look better on the Xbox Scorpio than the Xbox One S on a 4K television for sure.

project scorpio

Additionally, all that processing power will allow Microsoft to explore new features the current Xbox One consoles can’t offer because of their internals. Maybe you’ve heard of the Gear VR from Samsung or Facebook’s Oculus Rift VR? Technology companies are betting big on virtual reality headsets that allow you to feel like you’re in a game. Pulling this off requires some serious internal horsepower that the Xbox One S and Xbox One don’t offer.

If the original Xbox One was good for gaming and the Xbox One S is great for gaming, the Xbox Scorpio will be the best at gaming, with a price that’s sure to reflect that.

Xbox Scorpio vs Xbox One S: What We Don’t Know About Scorpio

Microsoft likes to telegraph its next hardware moves in advance, giving it time to react to feedback from the community and tune its message. The company revealed the Xbox Scorpio at E3 2016, but hasn’t said anything new about the console since. There are rumors out there about the console, but nothing that’s been substantiated.


Speculation of the Xbox Scorpio’s price hasn’t stopped since the reveal.. Truth is, we only know that it’ll certainly cost more than the Xbox One S. It starts at $299.99.  We’re also pretty sure that the Xbox Scorpio will be physically bigger than the Xbox One S, but that’s more physics than confirmed tidbit. Microsoft has yet to reveal what the console looks like.

Xbox Scorpio vs Xbox One S: Should You Wait to Buy an Xbox One?

Should you purchase an Xbox One S or wait for the Xbox Scorpio? That’s the question everyone is asking.

If you’re one of the millions that own a first generation Xbox One, you absolutely want to wait. Sure, if you have a 4K television, maybe upgrading to Xbox One S and not waiting around to see what the Scorpio has to offer is a good idea, but that’s a pretty narrow group of people. You probably don’t have a 4K television.

Those that value low-cost over graphics should also buy the Xbox One S now. There’s no reason for you to wait.

If you’ve yet to purchase a video game console, but are sure that you want the best graphics possible, definitely wait until at least this June. By July, we’ll likely have more info about the console. Microsoft is expected to talk more about Scorpio at the Electronics Entertainment Expo trade show in June.