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10 Cool Things the Galaxy Note 9 Can Do



Turns into a Computer (Without a Dock)

Turns into a Computer (Without a Dock)

In recent years Samsung offered something known as DeX. This stands for Desktop Expansion, and with a dock you can transform your phone into the brain of a computer. Basically, giving you a full desktop experience from a Samsung Galaxy. 

However, the new Galaxy Note 9 turbo-charges Dex into something even better. You no longer need a dock or a pad to transform your phone into a computer. 

Now, simply use an HDMI adapter and plug your phone into a monitor to get everything those expensive docks had. You'll still want to buy a pad or an adpater to add a BlueTooth keyboard or mouse, but you can control the monitor with the Galaxy Note 9 screen now too. 

Basically, turn your Galaxy Note 9 into a full computer experience and do even more, simply by using HDMI. 



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