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10 Cool Things the Galaxy Note 9 Can Do



Create a GIF from Movies or Video

Create a GIF from Movies or Video

We mentioned this earlier, and you could do it on the Note 8, but it's still one of my favorite features. If you love Reddit, keep reading. 

The Galaxy Note 9 can instantly create GIFs from any movie or video being played on the phone. Everyone loves a good GIF or meme, so here's how to make them.

Simply open the gallery or video player and start playing a movie or video file on your Galaxy Note 9. While it's playing slide out the S-Pen stylus and look for the "GIF Maker" tool in the list of S-Pen options. It'll be near the bottom of the screen, in a spot like our image above. Tap here to make a GIF. You can crop it to get the right shot or the size you want, increase or decrease the speed, and other editing tools. Then simply save and share it wherever you'd like.

Funny GIFs and meme makers, go crazy. 



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