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10 Reasons You’ll Love the Galaxy Note 8



Samsung has finally announced its big Galaxy Note 8 with a release date set for September 15th. And while the design closely resembles the Galaxy S8 from earlier this year, there are plenty of new features. If you’re trying to decide if it’s right for you, here are 10 reasons you’ll love the Galaxy Note 8.

With a huge Infinity display, two cameras on the back and tons of extra features there’s a lot to like. It’s a big phone with an equally big price tag. Coming in around $930-$960 in the US.

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At first glance, the Galaxy Note 8 may look like a bigger Galaxy S8, but there is a lot more to this phone than that. Including new camera controls, enhanced S-Pen features, and more ways to enjoy the big screen and edge display.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note 8. Including why we think it’s worth waiting for, and what features you’ll absolutely love.

First, take a look at our Galaxy Note 8 hands-on video above for a good idea of what to expect. We highly the big 6.3-inch bezel-free display, dual cameras, and a few of the many new software features you won’t find on a Galaxy S8.

In 2016 the Galaxy Note 7 was arguably Samsung’s best smartphone to date. However, because of a few problems and two recalls due to faulty batteries, Samsung pulled it off shelves. Many expected the company to abandon the Note lineup, but Samsung did the exact opposite. Instead, we now have a new and improved Galaxy Note 8 with plenty to offer.

Not only is Samsung’s new phablet bigger, better and faster, but they made a huge effort to improve what most buyers love about the phone — the S-Pen stylus. There are powerful new controls that allow you do to more with your smartphone.

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Most buyers probably saw all the leaks and know if they want the Galaxy Note 8 already. If you’re still on the fence, our slideshow below details some key features you need to know about.

Bigger Edge-to-Edge Display

Bigger Edge-to-Edge Display

Not only is this the biggest Note yet, it's Samsung's biggest flagship smartphone ever released. Taking the beautiful design aesthetic many loved from the Note 7 or Galaxy S8, and they super-sized it. 

The Galaxy Note 8 has a massive 6.3-inch Curved Infinity Display with tiny bezels around the screen. What that means is there are no longer big black bars on the top, bottom and sides of the phone. Instead, it's almost nothing but screen on the front.

A 6.3-inch screen sounds massive and way too big to hold, but it isn't. That's because the smaller bezels and a new aspect ratio actually make the Note 8 easy to hold and use. Even with this huge screen, it's only a tiny bit taller than the Galaxy Note 7 or Galaxy Note 7. Samsung ditched the home button (and put it on the back) and made the phone a little taller and not as wide. As a result, it looks gorgeous, has curved edges, yet is still manageable with one hand. 

The Note 8's display is a 2960 x 1440 Quad-HD+ SuperAMOLED Display with curved edges just like the Galaxy S8. Meaning it has the best screen on the market, only a little bigger than the rest. 



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