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10 Things to Do Before Installing the Android 11 Beta



Know How to Downgrade Back to Android 10

Know How to Downgrade Back to Android 10

Right now this process is quite difficult, but in the months ahead it'll get easier. That said, before you jump into the Android 11 beta you'll want to know how (or understand) the process for downgrading from Android 11 back to Android 10. 

Unfortunately, this isn't very easy right now and you'll have to completely erase your phone again, and manually flash the Android 10 factory image files from Google. 

That said, if you're an early adopter that's installing Android 11 right now, it's the same process. So, you already know how to use ADB and manually install Android updates, and the process is the same for going in reverse. 

However, once the official Android 11 public beta is available, this gets easier, and you'll follow these steps. 

How to Downgrade Back to Android 10 (Once 11 Open Beta Begins)

  1. Open your browser and to (Back to the Android 11 beta page)
  2. Sign-in if necessary then click the View your eligible devices button
  3. From here, simply tap the Opt-out button under the device you’d like to roll back to 10
  4. Then, confirm you’d like to proceed by clicking the blue Leave beta button
  5. Now, wait for and accept the notification to download & install Android 10

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