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10 Things to Do Before Installing the Android 11 Beta



Get Familiar with the Beta Install Process

Get Familiar with the Beta Install Process

This next tip is a bit confusing, simply because the beta installation process can be very different on Android. There are several ways provided by Google with ADB, the emulator, developer tools, the official OTA update beta channel, to even 3rd party tools found on sites like XDA-Developers. 

That said, you'll want to be familiar with and understand the process of installing a beta. 

If you're reading guides for installing ADB because you want to try Android 11, and you're feeling a bit intimidated, that's perfectly understandable. It's no easy task. If the process feels intimidating, you might want to hold off on an install until you know more, or until you can get an automatic over-the-air update notification from Google. 

Things can go wrong during a beta install and you could even completely brick and ruin your phone. It's rare these days, but it does happen. So, if you're at all worried simply wait for the beta program. That way all you do is click yes and "I agree" on a notification, download a file, and let your phone reboot. It's way easier, safer, and just the smart thing to do. 

To assist you, we've put together a guide that will show you what to do and where to go to download the Android 11 beta, get ADB, and flash the update yourself. Google just released a new flash tool themselves, too, which could be easier. 

If at any point during the installation you start to worry that you've messed up, or you get errors, stop. Make sure your phone reboots, then wait for the open beta or go read more and ask questions at XDA or Reddit. 

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