19 Things You Didn’t Know the Apple Watch Could Do

The Apple Watch is a new gadget and not everyone understands what it can do or what purpose it serves. We’ll walk through 19 surprising things the watch can do to make your life easier or justify the purchase of an expensive iPhone accessory.

We already walked through 25 exciting things the Apple Watch can do, including making payments, tracking your runs and delivering notifications, but here we want to focus on surprising features that you probably didn’t know the watch is capable of.

These are also in addition to the things your Apple Watch can do when it isn’t connected to your iPhone. In all you’ll be surprised at all the things this small smart watch can do right from your wrist.

We’ll leave off the fact that it can tell you the time, tell you when the sunrise and sunset are and keep you on task with your calendar just a tap away.

Check out these surprising Apple Watch features.
Check out these surprising Apple Watch features.

We’re not here to convince you to buy the Apple Watch, just to let you know what it can do and how it could fit into your daily life.

The device starts at $349 for the Apple Watch Sport 38mm and $399 for the Sport 42mm. Apple also sells the Apple Watch starting at $549 and the Edition starting at $10,000.

All of the Apple Watch models deliver the same features, but the Apple Watch Sport uses a Ion-X glass on the face instead of Sapphire and aluminum instead of stainless steel. The Edition features 18-Karat gold and special bands.

Here are 19 things you didn’t know the Apple Watch could do. You’ll need to download apps for some of them, but that’s one of the reasons the Apple Watch can do so much.

19 Things You Didn’t Know the Apple Watch Could Do

Low Power Mode as a Watch

Low Power Mode as a Watch

The Apple Watch is about more than notifications and apps. It can also tell you the time. If you need to make it last longer you can use Power Reserve Mode to show just the time.

The Apple Watch automatically goes into Power Reserve Mode if the battery is too low. You can also turn it on by holding the side button and then sliding the Power Reserve Option to the right.

When in Power Reserve Mode you can see the time on your Apple Watch by pressing the side button.



  1. Edmund Weske

    05/08/2015 at 9:46 am

    Notify of heart issues.


  2. AJ

    10/27/2015 at 10:09 am

    You need a watch to tell you if you are having heart issues?


  3. Martina831

    09/30/2016 at 1:52 am

    sometimes it isn’t visual or apparent to know you have heart issues without the tests being done, especially if doing excercise at the time,


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