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Spring Creators Update: 8 Things to Know About the First 2018 Windows 10 Update



The new Windows 10 Spring Creators Update could change the way you work on your PC. That’s why you need to know everything about this first 2018 Windows 10 update.

The first major 2018 Windows 10 update changes a lot of things. It replaces the Task View panel that shows you all your apps. In its place is a timeline of apps you’ve used and websites you’ve visited that goes back a month. More Control Panel options are now in the Settings app. A new design and blur effect give you a peek at your wallpaper from within your apps and Start area.

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There are smaller 2018 Windows 10 Update features to get excited about as well. It is easier to stop apps and programs from starting when your PC does after installing this upgrade. This update also makes it easier to silence websites with ads and clear away files you don’t need. A new wireless share feature lets you send files to another PC quickly.

Here is everything that you need to know about the new 2018 Windows 10 Update that’s coming soon.

When is the 2018 Windows 10 Update Release?

You can expect the 2018 Windows 10 Update to arrive sometime this April. That’s why Microsoft is calling it the Spring Creators Update. You will know when you’ve successfully installed this upgrade because a web page welcoming you to the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update will pop-up once you have it.

The Spring Creators Update isn’t the only 2018 Windows 10 Update you can expect. Microsoft and the company that made your PC release tiny fixes that make your PC more stable all year. Also, rumors point to Microsoft launching a second 2018 Windows 10 Update in the fall. We don’t know what this second massive update will include.

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The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Price

Don’t expect the Spring Creators Update to cost you anything. Although it adds new features, the update is free for everyone that has Windows 10 installed on their laptop, desktop or tablet already.

How Long Does the Spring Creators Update Take to Install?

Expect the first Windows 10 update of 2018 to take around 30 minutes to install on your notebook, desktop or tablet. That’s 30 minutes that you can’t use your PC for other things, unfortunately.

Microsoft also says that this update should take 30 percent less time than its past updates.

Key Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Changes

Your timeline will show you your recent activities once you download the 2018 Windows 10 Update.

These are the most important 2018 Windows 10 Update changes you can expect. Not all of them are huge, but getting used to them could take some time.

  • Timeline has replaced Task View. This screen shows you the apps and websites you used days and weeks before. A search box in the top-right corner lets you quickly find sites you browsed and documents you worked on.
  • Home Group sharing is gone.
  • Fonts are now in Settings. You can download new fonts from the Windows Store.
  • The Sound options are now in the Settings app. They were in the Control Panel.
  • Display options are now in Settings. They were also in the Control Panel.
  • A new Privacy area has toggles for deciding what information Windows 10 saves.
  • Block apps from starting when you turn your PC on in the Settings app.
  • On-screen text suggestions when typing on a physical keyboard.
  • The new Game Bar has a clock and buttons for taking screenshots, recording video clips and toggling Game Mode on and off.
  • Game-specific graphics options are now in the Settings app.
  • If you ever forget your password, reset it from the lock screen.
  • Cortana now shares links to continue a task where you left off on your last PC.
  • The Action Center, Start Menu, calendar and settings areas use Microsoft’s latest design. Many of them have transparent backgrounds. Hovering over a menu option with your mouse now shows you an outline of what you are about to click on or tap. Your PC should tone done the transparency when unplugged.

Again, these are just the Spring Creators Update changes that will impact your experience the most. Microsoft may reveal more before the update launches.

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New Features for the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

The redesigned Windows 10 Settings app.

These 2018 Windows 10 Update features are important, but not as impactful on your daily routine. Try these out once you’ve installed the update.

  • Swiping a group of notifications in the Action Center with two fingers now clears the entire group.
  • The contacts you pin to your Taskbar have a list of apps for you to message your friends.
  • Adjust colors on an HDR monitor with the Settings app.
  • The Settings app has a new look and smaller icons.
  • Near Share sends files between two PCs that are close by, like a tablet and a desktop PC.
  • You can run your fingers along the touch keyboard to form words instead of tapping each letter.
  • The Microsoft Store now offers new language packs for you to download.
  • Windows Defender is now called Windows Security in the Settings app.
  • Decide which apps can send you notifications by assigning it a priority in the new Focus Assist menu.
  • Easily move people pinned to your Taskbar by dragging them.

Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 Web Browser)

Microsoft Edge in the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.

  • Microsoft Edge Extensions now work in a private browser window.
  • Get alerts from web pages that you’ve closed trough Microsoft Edge.
  • Save EPUB books to your reading library.
  • Edit the entries of your favorite websites.
  • Mute tabs with video ads.
  • Save your credit card and payment details.

Cortana (Windows 10 Personal Assistant)

Focus Assist in the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.

  • Cortana now drops new information in the Action Center.
  • Collections let you create lists that sync to your smartphone or tablet. Cortana will ask you to create new lists as you shop online.
  • Microsoft has redesigned the Cortana Notebook. That’s the area you use to enable new skills and change your interests.
  • Learn the exact words you must say or type to use a Cortana skill when you turn it on.

How to Get the 2018 Windows 10 Update Early

If all these changes sound great to you and you are ready to try them, don’t wait for the official Windows 10 Spring Creators Update release. Use the Windows Insider Program to get them now.

The Windows Insider Program gets anyone the latest apps and features before they’re available to the public automatically. Join the program with a Microsoft Account and internet access.

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Before you use the Insider Program to get the 2018 Windows 10 Update early, expect problems. Early updates can break features you rely on and cause your PC to stop working correctly. Only join the program if you know how to reset your Windows 10 PC when something goes wrong or have a second PC that you can use in an emergency.

How to Skip the 2018 Windows 10 Update

If none of those features sound great to you, you can skip the 2018 Windows 10 Update using Gotta Be Mobile’s How to Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates guide. Know that this registry hack could make your PC less stable and secure over time.

Pausing Windows 10 updates is safer. The hold only lasts for a week, but that’s enough time to put off the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update until you have a less demanding work or school schedule.

How to Clean Install the Spring Creators Update

Plan on installing the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to do your clean install once the Spring Creators Update launches. Microsoft updates this tool with the latest files the same day that it launches major upgrades.

Remember to create a back up of your files before you use the Media Creation Tool on your computer. Upgrading your PC this way will clear away all your settings, photos, music, videos, programs and apps. If you purchased anything from the Windows Store, signing in with your Microsoft Account will add those files back after you get through the set up process.

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