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3 Reasons to Wait for the Galaxy Note 11 & 5 Reasons Not To



Wait for Better 5G

Wait for Better 5G

If you're interested in buying a phone with 5G, but aren't thrilled with the current options and/or the coverage in your area, hang around until 2020. 

Samsung's Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy Note 10+ 5G are two of the top 5G-powered options on the market right now, but they're extremely expensive. 

Without a deal or trade-in, you're looking at $1299.99 for the 256GB Note 10+ 5G and $1399.99 for the 512GB Note 10+ 5G.

You're looking at similar pricing, at least in the United States, for the 256GB and 512GB versions of the Galaxy S10 5G

We expect pricing to get better as 5G becomes more commonplace in the U.S. and countries around the world. The same thing happened many years ago with LTE's expansion. 

So if you aren't keen on spending $1300 or more for a 5G-powered Samsung phone, think about waiting around. 

On top of that, 5G coverage is still limited in the United States and there's a good chance you don't have it in your area yet.

If you do have it in your area, there's a chance you'll see the same growing pains others around the U.S. have been experiencing.

With that in mind, you might want to buy an LTE/5G E model right now and upgrade to the Note 11 when coverage has expanded and companies have improved their hardware. 

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